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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerEricJablow
Challenge NameThe Grave Matter
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Miscellaneous > Radio Dramas
DescriptionAn insurance investigator comes to Cleveland to check on a strange murder, and he visits the grave site. He discovers that the grave has been disturbed and that the body is no longer there. His investigation leads him to a short blonde woman in her mid-20s, and he wonders what her involvement in the case is. By the end, he finds out. He is not happy.

Of course, this would be "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," the man with the action-packed expense account, though brought forward in time by 55 years or so. To follow the most famous of its seasons, the ones with Bob Bailey as Dollar, write the story in 5 parts, as it ran Mondays-Fridays in 5 15-minute episodes.
Challenge Date11 Nov 13
Last Updated11 Nov 13

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