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Challenge IssuerPhilister
Challenge NameMother from the Stars
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Superman
DescriptionChallenge: In Man of Steel we see Lady Lara, mother of Kal-El / Superman, stare out across the expanse of Kryption as the world comes to an end, thinking of her son whom she knew but for a few brief minutes before she and Jor-El sent him to safety. As the planet explodes, she is consumed by fire... but this is not the end for her.

A higher power intervenes and saves her, removing her from the doomed planet and bringing her across space to planet Earth. It is not the Earth her son was sent to, though. Her fate in her home universe is at an end, but she may yet have a role to play in another one. She may never be a mother to her own son, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be mother to someone else.

- Lara arrives on Earth and must get used to her Kryptonian powers activating.
- They come slowly as her cells charge up on sunlight. She’s not at Superman-levels of power for at least a year or two.
- Encounters (pick one):
==> Buffy and Dawn shortly after their mother’s death (before the final Glory showdown)
==> Faith after her Watcher Diane Dormer was killed by Kakistos
==> Tara after running away from home, before arriving in Sunnydale
- Hesitant at first, but finally accepts her second chance to be a mother to someone in need.
- If Lara is involved in the Glory showdown, make sure she’s not yet at the power level where she can match Glory punch for punch.
- No DC Comics in this universe, so no one has any idea what Kryptonians are or why the name Lara-El might sound familiar.
- Kryptonians are vulnerable to magic, so despite being practically invulnerable by normal means, they can be hurt by mystical creatures or spells.

- More Kryptonian survivors who make the jump to another dimension
- Lara / Giles
Challenge Date13 Nov 13
Last Updated13 Nov 13

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