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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTheForgotten
Challenge NameWolf-Xan
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionWe all know that Xander is not as “Zen” and Oz, so what would happen if he was to become a werewolf instead. We also know that Xander has some anger issues (sure he hides them pretty well, but we get a glimpse of it occasionally), so you can use the whole werewolf thing to both highlight his anger issues and help him deal with/overcome them over time.

A couple items of note:-

1. The story should take place after the Hyena incident - If only to allow Xander to recognise early on that (a) the wolf is always a part of him even when he is not transformed and (b) that it is not really a separate entity but merely the manifestation of his darker side (it could also be used as a catalyst for Xander to want to gain control of the wolf as quickly as possible - ie. prevent the whole Hyena "incident" from happening again);
2. Xander actively seeks to learn how to contain/control/become one with the wolf, but being Xander it would be the quick and painful way to gain control (it should not involve magic, but simply mediation, willpower and the eventual acceptance of (1) above - it should also involve the use of silver to assist Xander in supressing the wolf in the beginning);
3. Xander should keep a silver necklace (or some other item of jewellery) as a constant remineder of the wolf (wearing the necklace would cause slight discomfort but no pain - as it isn’t piercing his flesh);
4. I like the look of the Guild War’s 2 Werewolf for the Norn;
5. No slash;
6. No pairings with Buffy or Willow (as in my opinion it would never work out); and
7. Maybe bring Faith in early (ie. when Buffy die, Kendra is skipped and Faith chosen instead).
Challenge Date29 Nov 13
Last Updated29 Nov 13

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