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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerKasyblack
Challenge NameYAHF FreakScoobies
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Comics > Web Comics
DescriptionIt was a spark, a touch of destiny. They bought their usual costumes... only, they did not count on strange symbol of the metallic contraption with wings appearing on their costumes seconds before Ethan's spell hit. Who did it? Maybe the mysterious figures up in the sky know?

They have pale skin. They have violet eyes. They mastered telepathy and telekinesis. They are a clan, standing together against the world. They remember causing Apocalipse once already.


KK (Kolfinnia Kokokoho Titching), a techie in gothic outfit, feels what fits with what in vehicles, can make them from scratch - Cordy
Connor, a chronicler, level-headed, kind, ready for extreme measures to reach his goal, often unappreciated - Xander
Karl, a gardener, can affect weather, has clairvoyance - Andrew
Luke, a homeless jobless senseless etc guy mad about sex, powerful - Larry or Ethan Rayne
Sirkka, a free-love-house spiritual leader, minor mind-meddling, clairvoyance - Buffy
Kirk, a watchman, sees his work as penance - Oz
Mark, a mind-controlling madman - Giles
Arcady, former drug addict, most powerful FreakAngel, has memory problems from attempts to see the future, teleporter, has x-ray vision, can read animal minds etc. Loves Connor - Willow
Carolyn "Caz" also techie - creates sun batteries etc = infrastructure - Kendra
Jack, supply runner, cynical loner, has experience battling without powers, Sirkka's on-and-off love interest - Angel
Miki, a doctor, peacemonger, can control human biochemistry - Tara
Kait, a self-proclaimed cop with the justice hard-on, can disassemble things, might raise dead in the future, can pop into tv- Jenny Calendar

If you feel some other matchup of characters is prudent, feel free to edit the list. still, I would prefer for Connor/Arcady, Sirkka, Caz and Kait to stay as named.

This is crossover with FreakAngels comics.
Have fun with it.
Challenge Date22 Dec 13
Last Updated22 Dec 13

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