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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerivanjedi
Challenge NameStolen powers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionAnd yet another Yahf self - insert challenge...

Let's face it, every single fic on any site that has a canon character react to a canon event in a way that is not canon, no matter if it is in a positive or negative way, is a self - insert, and the mark of the good author is when he or she manages to pull it off without making the characters too much OOC. That's why the YAHF genre is so popular; by adding more than just traces of whatever characters we have our favorite victims... err Scoobies dress as, we make sure that we don't have to worry too much about OOC - ness.

Anyway, the idea for this challenge is thus: have one or more person from the Gang dress as character who has the capacity to copy or steal powers. (Sylar, Peter or Arthur Petreli from Heroes, Hope Summers or Rogue from Marvel... heck, use the irritating, at least for me, 'essence' concept from Starcraft:Heart of the Swarm) Then, as the spell ends, they lose the Halloween powers, but keep what they copied/stole. Althernatively, you can have the character have the copy/steal powers beforehand somehow, but if you go that route, you must make sure that they don't realize they can do so, at least at first, as the challenge here is about the acquired powers. along the same line, if more than one character with copying powers is involved, then they must not, repeat, not copy each other's powers.

After that you can go two ways. One is to have your favorite scooby gain the powers of widely known fiction character, so they would need to learn to control them on their own, (remember, no helpful memories here) possibly dealing with more than one power at once.

or have them acquire something less conventional, such as the power to magically build things (Wraithrune's 'Ultimate builder' was an interesting concept, but the author went, as usual, seriously overbard in the Scooby powering up department) or gain experience levels (!) and drops from monster killing.
Challenge Date29 Dec 13
Last Updated29 Dec 13

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