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Challenge IssuerDfnt
Challenge NameThe Master of Death
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Halloween
DescriptionXander dresses up as a Master of Death and becomes a very old Harry Potter.

MoD Powers:
1. The ability to reform a body from just a soul. (including just remaking missing body parts)
2. Uncatchable, the ability to exist as just a soul and not be caught by anything.
3. Reality Jumping.

HP Wizarding Powers:
1. Rune Mastery, (gained for finding out how to anchor a pocket dimension to the soul instead of a trunk making it indestructible as long as one is alive [also it is anchored to a trunk so when one dies nothing is lost])
2. Shapeshifter, the ability to look like anyone, anything, and any non-magical animal. Also the ability to heal any wound as long as the body part is intact on regrowing limbs.
3. Soul Animagus, True ThunderBird: Incorporeal bird made of thunder and lightning. Untameable, defiant, undefeatable.
4. Rituals, found a way to anchor rituals to the soul instead of the body, physical ones work at half power, while mental and magical ones work at full and can not be suppressed.(occlumency, magical flow, magical focus, magical core density, magical core size, magical channels enlarged and strengthened, poison immunity, disease immunity, environmental immunity, and the entire body enhanced x10 in passive form; enhancement increases with more energy pored into it.)
5. Wandless magic, Staff magic, Body magic, Mind magic, Soul magic, Battle magic, Rune magic, Enchantments, and Elemental magic. (Very partial to Lightning Bolts and Electrifying people.)
6. True Hogwarts Curriculum
7. Anything above you wish to expand upon.

HP Hallow Abilities (after gaining MoD title)
1. The Cloak is able to shift into any form and stick to a person.
2. The Ring calls the real soul of a person back without causing pain to the soul.
3. The Wand can change shape into anything from a ring to a staff.
4. All of the Hallows are bound to the soul of the MoD and can not be lost, stolen, or given away.

HP Physical Abilities
1. Several forms of Martial Arts, Staff forms, and Sword forms.
2. Proficient in all small weapons useage.

Realities traveled to and Abilities and Knowledge gained
1. Naruto (Chakra System) Knowledge of Jutus, Nature Chakra, and Seals.
2. Star Wars (Force) The ability to pull energy form the universe and tech database gained.
3. Phantsy Star Photon and other tech database.
4. Battlestar Galactica 2003 tech database.
5. Mass Effect tech database.
6. Halo tech database and a Cortana A.I.
7. Andromeda tech database

1. Harry Potter verse: 100yrs -min
2. Naruto verse: 100yrs
3. Star Wars verse: Mandalorian wars - Rebel Alliance ???? years (5000)
4. Phantsy Star verse: 50yrs
5. Battlestar Galactica 2003 verse: 85yrs
6. Mass Effect verse: 50yrs
7. Halo verse: ???yrs
8. Andromeda verse: ???yrs

Abilities and there limits
1. Magic, Chakra, and the Force all work in there raw energy form in all realities. Meaning as a physical enhancement to the body.
2. Only Runes and Seals work the same in all realities.
3. Spells, Jutus, and Force techniques work differently in different realities because the Laws of Nature are different between realities.
4. Magic exhausts the mind and body.
5. Chakra exhaust the body.
6. The Force exhausts the mind.
7. The Force can refill a Magical Core.
8. Magic can refill a Chakra System.
9. Chakra can not refill a Magical Core.
10. Spells, Jutus, and Force techniques can not be combined.

Xander/Willow/Dawn everyone else is free game. Willow because she becomes Gaia/Jord and Magic's Champion/Avatar and Dawn because she is the Key, because of there station's they become Immortal and bound to him and will follow him on his journeys from here.

Challenge Timeline Choices:
1. The more defined timeline listed below.
2. Free form timeline: Buffy verse has cannon events( minus the love spell and other stupid magical screw-ups after Halloween) up until Buff dies closing the portal Glory opened, she doesn't die Harry/Xander closes it with help from Willow and Dawn it's how they're bound together. No season seven no first evil. Xander/Willow/Dawn fall through the last portal and hop around the muliverse to the Babylon 5 verse then to DeepSpace Nine verse then to Stargate verse (SG-1 & SG- A only, no SG- U), from here writer's choice.

The Buffy verse may only cross with Stargate. Buffy verse has cannon events, (minus the love spell and other stupid magical screw-ups after Halloween), up until Buffy dies closing the portal Glory opened, she doesn't die Harry/Xander closes it with help form Willow and Dawn it's how they're bound together. No season seven no first evil. Do with the Watcher's Council as you wish, but if crossed with Stargate they must be good-guys when it starts.(Stargate starts five years after Glory.) Xander, Willow, and Dawn get sucked into the last portal as it closes and goes hoping around the mulitverse trying to get home (Harry can not jump them because all the portals and the Key's energy scrambled that realities signature to his senses.) first stop Warcraft verse(writing optional) so Willow and Dawn can really grow in there magical abilities, second stop Avengers movie verse(writing optional) gets copies of Iron Man armor and arc reactor tech. staying to stop Thanos optional on this trip, third stop StarTrek Voyager verse(writing optional) gets Voyager tech database including Borg tech(Q will not let them help Voyager get home quicker but everything else is okay), fourth stop Babylon 5 must write they appear either in the middle of the EA/Mimbari war or after Babylon 5 is up and running but the Cenntauri Emperor dies during his speech on it, they must save him.(gets copies of vorlon,shadow,mimbari and other interesting tech databases.), fifth stop StarTrek DeepSpace Nine must write different verse from third stop, Must save Kai Opaka, must help Bajor be able to stand on its own ( Montgomery Scott will be a great help with this) and defend itself during the Dominion War and join as a stronger and supporting world of the Federation instead of the Federation supporting them. They must fight in the Dominion War and make sure no planet is devastated beyond recovery and no race loses more than half there total population ( it's war people die) after that its your choice. (gets copies of the entire Federation, Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian, and Dominion databases.), Last stop before going home is the Stargate verse if it is not crossed with Buffy home verse. They must arrive on Atlantis either way and start from there and get Pegasus cleaned up before going to the Milky-Way. If it's a Buffy/Stargate verse they arrive no more than six months after they left that gives them four and half years before SG-1 start exploring and upsets the Gould, SG-1 will stay cannon until they intervene it's your choice when, but they must be the ones to stop Anubis' attack on Earth. Earth must be united before the Ori attack and they have to attack because it's the only way to get rid of them without the Others causing trouble. The only difference between Stargate by itself or crossed with Buffy is that by itself they can have anywhere from 3,000-500 years to have an Galactic Government with lots of Fleets behind them compared to just a few fleets in the 4 1/2 to ??? years they have if it's a cross with Buffy.

The only verses you have to write are the Buffy starting verse, the Babylon 5 trip verse, the StarTrek DeepSpace Nine trip verse, and either Buffy/Stargate starting verse or the Stargate trip verse. The Buffy part does not have to be written in depth it can be just the main events. The only ones with depth are Babylon 5, the building up of Bajor and the Dominion War in DeepSpace Nine, and the Stargate part. (Flashbacks are required to explain the tech and abilities length at your choice.)

Optional writing verses are Warcraft, StarTrek Voyager, Avengers movie verse, and any other one you want to include either during the trip or after, can include versions of the ones he's been to before.

After becoming The Master of Death Harry lives out his life learning things across the world eventually Death comes to it's master and tells him of his responsibilities as it master is to go to various universes and right certain balances that Death can not as it does not have a physical form. Along with this is the ability to jump to any reality either at random or choice. Once there he can stay as long as he wants unless Death needs him elsewhere. After leaning this Harry reworks the pocket dimension anchoring rune to his soul permanently, because Death informed him of his ability to reform his body. As becoming the Master of Death means he will not die but may be put into different bodies and merge with who he needs to in that universe if needed. (the seven universes listed above are the only ones he has been to before he merges with Xander in the Buffy verse.
Challenge Date31 Dec 13
Last Updated31 Dec 13

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