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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDestrark
Challenge NameYAHF - Unlimited Blade Works
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Japanese Fantasy
DescriptionTypical YAHF, but based on F/SN. That series doesn't get nearly enough love on this site.
So, Xander's body suddenly becomes made of Swords, Willow gets a boost to learning magic but in the explosive gems variety. Buffy, well she gets the powers of a certain other short, immensely strong blonde woman.

Basically, the trio is possessed by Shirou, Rin and Arturia from UBW Good End. But Buffy gets Arturia's Dragoncore, Caliburn, Excalibur and Avalon. She does have a human body so her existence won't need to be supported by Willow. Although you can change this if you want.

Xander gets the beginnings of a Reality Marble that's been in contact with The Gate of Babylon and is distorted like Shirou (gets happiness helping others), but is aware of Shirou's faults from before the possession so tries to keep a handle on his new instinct to throw himself into danger. He does have more than Shirou's number of magic circuits (because he grew up on the Hellmouth and does perform magic sometimes like the love spell. And I'm of the opinion Shirou burnt out a bunch of circuits keeping himself alive in the Grail Fire.)

Willow gets Rin's Average One status replacing whatever she had before, but keeps her own Origin (whatever that is) and the absolutely ridiculous(aka Godlike) potential in magic that's suddenly converted into magic circuits (pick a ridiculous number but consider how hot she would get using all of them without training herself for decades not to burn up using that power).

Buffy gets the choice, immortality from Avalon(her body is like Arturia's enough afterwards for it to work for her) or growing old with her friends.
Other than that, feel free to add a few other things in and have fun!
Challenge Date6 Jan 14
Last Updated6 Jan 14

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