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Challenge IssuerOxnate
Challenge NameThe Initiative of the Lord of the Rings
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Post Fellowship
DescriptionThe Initiative of the Lord of the Rings

“Don’t touch that!” Maggie Walsh yelled, but it was too late, Buffy had already touched the shiny crystal. Then the lights went out. As the emergency, battery powered, lights came back on; Buffy could see everyone glaring at her.

Synopsis: Buffy, the Initiative base, and everyone inside it and the Frat house above them are transported somewhere. Preferably Middle Earth.


- No one in Middle Earth speaks English and no one in the Initiative speaks Westron (the Common Tongue). If you want, you can have a very nerdy scientist who speaks Sindarin, the language of the Elves.

- There are ‘real’ students who are part of the fraternity as well that are transported, they do not appreciate this journey.

- The Scoobies are not coming to rescue them. Willow is still a budding witch and has probably only just met Tara.

- Buffy is not all powerful. She can handle small groups of orcs or humans herself but does not throw herself at groups of 20 and survive.

- The Initiative has some initial advantages over the locals in terms of firepower, organization, and communication; but their weapons and ammunition will not last forever, neither will batteries. They likely have a generator to recharge bats, but fuel is also limited.

- If this takes place in the LoTR universe, please don’t overlap with the books/movies.

- I would rather you didn’t make Maggie into a Big Bad. The initiative is going to be scrambling for resources and Adam might not be possible any more.

- A military base like that, I would think would have a few weeks/months of MREs on hand for emergencies, but they will have to feed themselves somehow after that.

- Don’t forget about the demons in the Initiative holding cells. Those cells are likely to open when they lose power.

- Bonus points if ‘pipe weed’ isn’t actually tobacco but something... more potent. Say a ‘Potent Potable’?
Challenge Date9 Jan 14
Last Updated9 Jan 14

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