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Challenge IssuerRedtheBattler
Challenge NameOffer the Blood of Demons to learn the Ancient Ways of War
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Japanese Fantasy > Devil May Cry
DescriptionThis is a BtVS/DMC crossover challenge.

This is Xander focused with none of the following:
1. Xander will not do the Halloween switch with any DMC characters.
2. Xander will not be thrown into the DMC dimension.
3. BtVS and DMC do not share the same dimension.
4. Xander is not a half human demon/devil hybrid like Dante/Vergil/Nero.
5. Xander will not stumble upon or receive any of the Devil Arms from DMC.

The only Major item I want taken from the DMC universe is the Divinity Statue (aka The Watcher of Time) which throughout the games you paid "Blood of Demons" (red orbs) to and she/it would upgrade your weapons, move list, health/energy bars, and sell you various items. (I don't mind Superhero or Powerful Xander I just want him to earn it over time rather than have it just dropped in his lap.)

I think the best time to start this story is the summer between Season 2 and 3 when Buffy has run off after sending Angel/Angelus to hell. Although it could workout after the Buffy and Willow kick Xander from the group or while Angelus is active and Buffy refusing to slay him. I just find that the summer between Season 2 and 3 would be when Xander is the most disillusioned that following Buffy's lead is the best way to fight the demons.

Suggestions/Prologue ideas

Xander while acting like himself is really angry inside over a lot of things.
1. Angel/Angelus over the entire situation, he is hoping that hell dimension is torturing them both. Hell given the chance if either or both ever returned Xander would torture them til they would want to go back to hell. That Angel/Angelus got all this time and effort spent on trying to re soul the bastard while Xander had to stake Jesse.
2. Buffy for running away and abandoning "The Fight", how damn long it took her to take it seriously that Angelus was going to kill them, that she was in a relationship with a vampire in the first place, Kendra's death he lays at Buffy's feet, and her always complaining about being the "Slayer".
3. Willow for cheering Buffy and Angel on. (Its just like Romeo and Juliet . . . funny how no one when they say it that way ever remembers that Romeo and Juliet committed suicide together) For often taking Buffy's side of any argument they have and attempting to cast that damn Soul Curse spell not once but twice!
4. Giles for not putting his foot down more against Buffy, siding with Buffy when they found out about the Soul Curse from Miss Calendar, allowing Buffy as the Slayer to pursue a relationship with a vampire, though he does pity Giles for the loss of Miss Calendar . . . at times.
5. Himself . . . Xander is really angry at himself for losing focus on the important things. How much time he wasted trying to get Buffy's attention since she has shown she is into Necrophilia. That he had forgotten the real reason he joined, Jesse being turned into a vampire and having to stake his brother in all but blood vowing vengeance and all that. It becoming obvious to Xander now that following Buffy's lead isn't the path he want to take anymore.

Jesse has been one of those thought that keeps coming back to the front of his mind. Xander cant remember the last time he visited Jesse's tombstone and thinks now is as good a time as any since they already dealt with the active vampire tonight. (Or he could go in the morning doesn't really matter.)

Xander goes to Jesse tombstone and spends a few hours talking to tell him what all has happened. Xander rages about how cruel the world is that someone like Jesse get turned and Xander has to stake him, but someone like Angelus gets cursed with a soul and even after he loses it again they all go through such efforts to re soul him!

Xander on his way out of the graveyard hear noise from one of the mausoleums. He goes to check it out and finds a single vampire with a pick axe and sledgehammer at work on the floor. This is a Master Vampire that has been around for a few centuries and he is smart. Waiting til the summer lull to come to the Hellmouth, waited til the early morning hours after the Slayer would have gone to bed to begin the excavation, came alone cause fledgling are morons, and would leave as soon as he got the treasure.

Xander causes a noise attracting the attention of the vampire. Vampire looks him over and goes right back to work. Flat out tells Xander what he is doing, why he is doing it, and that so long as Xander leaves him alone he wont turn Xander into a Bloody Mary. Xander finds that a vampire just dismissing him as a nonentity is the last straw and snaps.

Xander and the Vampire get into a brawl, Xander's enrage state causes him to channel what is left over from the Hyena and the Soldier so he is giving as good as he takes. The floor collapses from the additional damage done and they take long fall down into a cavern below. The Vampire is cursing Xander that the fall will kill them both and Xander counters with "You first!" grappling with the Vampire in midair so that the Vampire hits the ground first.

The Vampire hits the ground first with Xander on top breaking Xander's fall a second passes then Vampire poofs into dust Xander notices that one of his stakes is in his hand and must have staked the vampire when they landed. Xander make out a little of the area around him thanks to what he thinks of as neon light strip or a giant glow stick.

Not seeing anything else Xander heads toward the light . . . . and discovers that the neon light/glow stick is actually a very large glowing hourglass being held up by a golden statue of a half naked woman with the head of a lioness. After admiring/drooling over how well . . . sculpted it is Xander looks down at the base of the statue at some ancient writing on it and trying to remember if they match up with any languages Giles had him look over.

The statue releases a feminine yawn as fires start lighting up around him. Xander then hears a voice go "Mmmmhhhh . . . a few century old demon sacrificed right before me, you certainly know how to wake a girl up don't you?" All Xander can think is 'Oh Crap here I go again!' (Cause this is Xander and his luck with women regardless of species or power level.)

"Those who desire to acquire the ancient ways of war shall offer the blood of demons in exchange."
"That is what it says beneath me, but it has been a very long time since someone actually brought a demon before me and sacrificed one to me. Makes a girl feel young again. No one came to offer up demon blood for so long that I must have dozed off for a few centuries . . . just a little nap."

"I am known as the Watcher of Time and who might you be?"
Xander tells her/it his name in a stumbling manner his brain trying to catch up with the information being given and the fact that the statue is flirting(?) with him.
"Xander? . . . what manner of name is Xander?" Xander tells her his full name.
"Ahh ALEXANDER!" the statue purred, she was purring over his full first name!
"Now there is a proper name one that carries weight and power! Even better not single god has laid claim upon you."

Contact me if you are interested or want more information. I have an account name of Takao-kun on
Challenge Date15 Jan 14
Last Updated9 Apr 14

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