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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerBarefootXO
Challenge NameFor the Boy's Own Good
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionThe Dursleys decide that they can’t care for Harry. This reasoning must (for once) put the Dursleys in a positive (or at least neutral) light.

1) Vernon and Petunia don’t feel qualified to raise a young spellcaster and so they send Harry to a distant cousin of Lily’s that is a spellcaster (Options: Willow; Tara; Mrs. Maclay; Amy; or Catherine)
2) Vernon and Petunia feel that magic is evil and so they abandon Harry in a church or some other place of worship, hoping that the religious person in charge will be able to cleanse the evil from the child’s soul (Options: Oz; Caleb; or a Monk of Dagon)
3) Vernon and Petunia feel that placing a child with them for protection is absurd and so they send him to a distant cousin of Vernon’s who is a lone warrior, well known for killing freaks for a living (Options: Xander; Faith; Holtz; or Gunn)
4) Vernon and Petunia are cultists who worship a demon/god/goddess and believe that Harry is the prophecied heir of the one they worship (Options: Jasmine; Glorificus; the First Evil; or the Wolf, the Ram and the Hart)
5) Vernon and Petunia believe that they can’t handle raising to kids at once and so they give him to the local orphanage from which he is adopted by a local (Options: Giles; Wesley; Travers; or Ethan)
6) Vernon and Petunia do not feel they can afford two children and wind out offering Harry’s custody to a wealthy client of Grunnings who mentions an interest in having an heir (Options: Wilkins; Lindsey; Lilah; or Holland)
7) Vernon and Petunia believe that magic is unnatural and so they hand custody over to someone who will be able to show Harry that science is the way forward (Options: Walsh; Fred; or Angelman)

These are not the only options, of course. You may, of course, come up with a different reasoning or a different BtVS character that fits with one of the existing reasons. The result remains the same. The Dursleys must not be demonized in this fic (I know they are loathsome in canon, but not in this challenge. They must honestly believe they are doing the best thing for Harry. As for what happens to Harry growing up in one of those environments? Use your imagination. The sky's the limit.

One final requirement. Dumbledore may find out what happened (or not) but he must not be allowed to get a hold of Harry until his first year of Hogwart's at the earliest.

Good luck!

Challenge Date1 Feb 14
Last Updated1 Feb 14

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