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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerNightscream
Challenge NameViva Revoluion! (be the first!)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television
DescriptionI've yet to see this crossover, so be the first to give it a try! This is a BtVS/AtS/Revolution crossover challenge ( I thought that someone would have zeroed in on the opportunity this TV series presented to the crossover community, but as of yet no one has. It can be full length, or a blurb let your imagination soar! So here is the challenge:

What happens when the power goes out....forever? Slayers, watchers, friends and family all separated, scattered across the globe. Unable to communicate, having to work on their own with out back up. When the world is thrown back to a pre industrial revolution way of life how will they adjust and continue on their mission. Do they come forward and work with the current governmental factions (i.e. The Georgia Federation, The Monroe Republic, California Commonwealth, Texas, The Patriots, ect) or stay to the shadows and do what they can. What were they doing when the lights went out, who were they with, what part of the world were they in, who is still alive, and are they succeeding in keeping the vampires at bay in a world with out's all up you you to tell us their stories.
Challenge Date24 Feb 14
Last Updated24 Feb 14

Challenge Responses

No one has responded to this challenge.