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Challenge IssuerScarlettJediKnight
Challenge NameStark Family - Eureka, Marvel Movies and Xander Crossover by kittydrenden
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Avengers
DescriptionTony Stark, Nathan Stark & Xander are all at least half brothers, with Nathan and Tony having known each other previously.

Xander runs away from home as a teenager{14-17(due to abuse, backstabbing, injury...all of the above...)} and runs into Tony, ends up saving his life, which eventually leads to them finding out the family connection.

Tony and Nathan join together to help and get to know Xander, ensuring he gets extensive, effective & excellent Healing, Therapy, Tutoring and Self Defence Training{in case he gets kidnapped}

Slowly they each form a strong and solid accepting/protective/loyal/resiliant/ perceptive/healing/in-depth relationship with each other - in the case of Tony and Nathan it also means healing at least some of the personal hurts/issues with themselves and each other

No one outside of the brothers and JARVIS know of the family relationship or who Xander was previously, and they try and keep it that way even after the death of Stane.

All three are skilled BAMFs, Engineers, Business Men, Humanitarians, Fa├žade Wearers, Secret Finders & Keepers{includes the Supernatural world}, Fighters, Polyglots, People Readers...

Bonus points if all three are natural shifters, hunters, sentinals/guides, immortals or psychics...

Double bonus points if all three are either gay or bisexual {possible lovers Jack Carter, Phil Coulson, Clint Barton, Bruce Banner....}

Triple bonus points if sometime between sunnydale and meeting Tony Xander somehow looses his memories

Quadruple bonus points if none of the Starks are in awe of Steve Rogers and in fact have serious/valid issues with him

Just imagine Fury reaction to learning there are three Starks running around :D
Challenge Date1 Mar 14
Last Updated1 Mar 14

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