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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuerbranz
Challenge NameGathering Magic On The Hellmouth
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games > Fantasy > Magic: The Gathering
DescriptionI recently re-read a story called 'Slayer Magic', by Perfect lionheart on Fanfiction net, the story struck me as full of potential.
As such my challenge is for you to write a story using the possibilities brought up in the first chapter of his story Slayer Magic.

-Obviously don't just copy ideas, put your own characters, different items, could be anything.

-Doesn't necessarily need to involve 'Magic: The Gathering' in your story, but try to include something similar.

-The most important premise in the story is that some items remain empowered after the spell ends.

-The other is that some items can empower or effect the characters after the spell.

-Try to keep from writing in big blocks, it looks bad and is hard to read.

-Always check your work after your done to ensure proper grammar, bad grammar is bad writing.

-Lastly, no stories of less than 1,000 words, if you cant do that much, keep working on it.

Otherwise just have fun with it.

Challenge Date2 Mar 14
Last Updated2 Mar 14

Challenge Responses

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