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Challenge Issueromnimercurial
Challenge NameStake it or Break it! (Make it or Break it *MIOBI* Challenge)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television
DescriptionThere is a sad lack of MIOBI fanfiction let alone crossovers so lets see what can be done by throwing BTVS/Angel in to the mix! :)

Maybe the Swim Team Coach was a Gymnastics Coach instead? Would Fish still be the DNA donors for his Super Soldier experiments?

What if Buffy became a Gymnast back in LA rather than a Cheerleader? Would she move to Boulder?

Cordelia going for Olympic glory maybe? What kind of Coach would her Parents try to hire?

How about Amy and her Mum?

Would poor Xander be seen as one of the girls yet again due to his Gymnastic Drive if he competed?

Magic in competetive sports?! Would there be tests like there are in RL for Drugs/Steroids? Wolfram and Hart Connections?!

What if Demons hunted the MIOBI cast facilitating the need for a rescue from the Scoobies?

Which Rock Girl might become a Slayer if Faith or Kendra did not get called? Payson? Kaylee? Lauren? Emily?

Would the Mayor try to have a World Class Sunnydale Gym to go with the Harbour, International Airport, University etc? He does like making Sunnydale excel as he prepares for Ascension.

Lots of possibilities here so please get cracking on the fics! :D
Challenge Date4 Mar 14
Last Updated4 Mar 14

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