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Challenge IssuerVorchan
Challenge NameA Case for the Law Books (BtVS/L&O SVU Crossover)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Television > Law and Order: SVU
DescriptionSituation: Season 6 of Buffy (post: Tabula Rasa), Tara has discovered that Willow's been raping her, and she telephones the cops.
The nature of the assaults is simply new: no physical damage, no chemical results, everybody seems to love the perpetrator- and can hardly believe Willow would do something so evil- I mean, "she's GENTLE, and SWEET, how could she DO something like this?" One possibility is that Tara really endears herself to Olivia Benson, and Olivia argues that Tara shouldn't have been subjected to this horror; regardless of her choices in lifestyle.
In court it might become a "she said-she said" deal, and one possibility is that mid-trial Willow realizes what she's done and makes a speech that get's her a 'suspended sentence' (or more precisely a reduced sentence, say 8 years instead of 30) instead of lenghtly prison time, either that or she ends up with community service in community defense (sentenced by a merciful judge, who is convinced that she isn't ever going to do this ever again).
Could well include: Shocked Xander, Shocked and enraged Buffy, Berserk Dawn... you could even have an occasion in which Dawn picks a fight with Willow and beats the crud out of her for this- and is then arrested for assault and battery! (because she nearly kills her in a rage.)
To those who say that this is out of character: Yes it is! Crime makes one do out of character things!
Recommendations: Tillow catfight in the beginning as Tara tries to get Willow to come to her senses about using magic to make people into sex-slaves! (due to orientation; typically other girls)
Also recommended: much arguing amongst the Scoobies about behavioral rules.
Possibilities: Tara/Buffy argument/catfight about Willow's actions with Miss Maclay trying to talk Miss Summers into helping her, Buffy distraught with current domestic events, Willow projecting her problems onto others to deal with stress, The First Evil celebrating this situation with 'his' demon horde in a big party.
Should include: upset Slayer, angry Dawn (berserk), amused Spike (he hates the Scoobies), enraged Tara (premise is that she was sexually assaulted), Shocked Maclay family, offended Rosenberg parents (offended by their daughter's conduct), Willow addicted, Giles perplexed, Possibility of Faith and Willow being cellmates (could be anything of treatment in prison; from protection due to a desire of Faith to change (and Willow too), to actual prison rape! And the consequences thereof- but challenger requests that it have Accurate consequences (if author chooses the criminal approach- cellmate violation) like extended sentence and loss of privileges), If Faith and Willow do wind up cellmates, they could establish a pact of mutual protection; pseudo-sisterhood.
With me; all recommendations are at the author's discretion.
Challenge Date13 Mar 14
Last Updated16 Mar 14

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