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Challenge Issuerbranz
Challenge NameOverlord's New Minions
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Games
DescriptionI've seen many stories both on TTH and other sites where some inspired author decides to cross Overlord with another Verse, and makes use of human or similar Minions.

One thing that is irritatingly common is the author constantly and unnecessarily describes the cup sizes of the minions, most often sizes that are not only ridiculously oversized, but physically crippling if real.

As such I've posted this challenge in the hopes of a Overlord crossover story without such, and came up with some rough Minion classes to help in inspiration, all I ask is a mention in the first chapter disclaimer if any are used in a story:

Overlord New Minion Classes:

Mages are divided into four types, they look like slim young women with Blue, Red, Green, or Silver hair depending on their elemental speciality. Runes and tattoos of similar colour and design adorn them from head to toe. Dressed black in sleeveless robes with white highlights on them.

*Water Mage:
Can resurrect the dead, create undead soldiers, water whip, water cannon, wall of water,water spear , ice needles, ice spear, ice spike, freeze bolt, ice dragon golems, ice soldier golems.

*Fire Mage:
(F) Fireballs, flame-throwers, walls of fire, flame whip, fire-blade. Can create small volcano, summon fire elementals and low level demons. Red hair and gold eyes.

*Earth Mage:
(F) Can form stone, clay, wood, or dirt golems of various sizes and shapes. Can create walls and command most plant life. can animate trees. green hair and eyes.

*Air Mage:
(F) Look like slim young women with blue hair. Rune and wave tattoos of similar colour adorn them from head to toe. Air-blade, wall of wind, Heavy wind, tornado, wind-spear, air hammer, vacuum bomb. Silver hair and eyes.


(M/F even) They are armed with a basic longbow, close-in short-sword , and leather armor. Can use gunpowder weapons from rifles to cannons.


(F) Wearing heavy armor, can ride any beast from horse to dragon. Armed with lance, naginta, claymore, broadsword, glaive, or longsword. Light resistance to magic.


(M/F even) Construction and invention specialists, from structures to vehicles to weapons. Wear light leathers with toolbelt. Armed with hammer.


(M/F even) The backbone of the navy, can also serve on airships. Wear tough, thick cloth armor, armed with short-swords, small axes, and gunpowder pistols.


(M/F) Wear leather, steel, plate or scale armor, armed with any melee weapon, can use gunpowder rifles, fixed cannons and siege weapons. Also serve as bodyguards.


(F) Wear dark, lightweight clothes woven with metal thread, small plates of armor, exotic weapons. specialise in close combat, stealth, chemistry/poisons, and assassination. Also serve as bodyguards.
Challenge Date16 Mar 14
Last Updated16 Mar 14

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