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Challenge IssuerSongBirdie
Challenge NameRaven gets some help; or the Prophecies were made to be broken challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Teen Titans
DescriptionRaven gets some help; or the Scoobies and/or the Fang Gang show how prophecies were made to be broken!

Fandoms: The Teen Titans cartoon, set during the S4 Trigon storyline. Overall universe is DC Comics. After Chosen for Buffy, and Not Fade Away for Angel, no comics for either, please.

-Must have Raven, Robin, Starfire, Beastboy, and Cyborg, strong team friendship, please. Other TT characters are optional, though I would love to see Slade, Terra, Arella and Jinx appear. Any pairings are welcome, but not necessary, though Robin/Raven would be amazing. ;)

-Any Buffy/Angel pairings welcome, but not necessary, though Spuffy, Dawn/Connor, Faith/Xander, Cordy/Xander, Fred/Wesley, Willow/Tara, Willow/Oz, Gunn/Fred and Giles/Joyce would all be extra happily accepted. :D

Challenge: The superhero Raven, in both the comics and cartoon, was destined to help her father, the demon Trigon, end the world simply by existing, in fact it as why she was created and born. Even though she doesn't want to harm anyone, she doesn't really think she can stop her father but she wants to try. Well, wouldn't it be great for her to have some experienced demon fighters and prophecy-breakers to help her out? The Scooby Gang and/or the Fang Gang, after the end of their series, come do just that.


*Raven can find them and ask for the help fighting her father and defying the prophecy, and be given it, or whatever Scooby/Fang Gang member(s) you like can offer it and she accepts.

*I think the Scoobies and/or Fang Gang could help Raven realize that just because you're a demon, doesn't mean you're evil, that her powers are hers to choose what to do with, and that there's nothing wrong with her, and she really needs to know that.

*Defying or finding loopholes in prophecies is something both Buffy'verse groups are very good at, and I'm sure they'd realize that by telling Raven since birth she had no choice but to end the world, the Monks of Azarath had been creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

*A character(s) that's had experience in learning to control themselves so they don't let their witchy-powers/
slayerness/demon-hood control them gives Raven some tips on how to stay in control, because repressing her feelings all the time is just as bad an idea as currently showing them is. I'd love it if it could be Willow, Fred, Dawn, Faith, Angel, Connor, Oz, Buffy, Spike, Tara, Anya or Cordy.

*Is Raven, since she’s the "portal" for Trigon, anything like Dawn, with her keyness? Does Trigon want Dawn as a back-up plan for that reason, if he can’t have Raven? Do Dawn and Raven bond? Can Raven’s blood still be used as a portal even after defeating Trigon? Raven’s Demon powers have sent people to other dimensions in the comics, likely hell dimensions, so is it her soul-self doing that, the black energy that is the signature of her powers/is her powers, or can her blood do it too? And if it is her blood, is its' power rooted in origin from her father, or does it come from something else about her?

*Bonding happening between the other Teen Titans and the Scoobies/Fang Gang people, too. :)

*When the Teen Titans are freaking out over the idea of the end of the world, or Raven is feeling guilty that she might cause it, the Scooby/Fang Gang member(s) turn to them and say something along the lines of "The world is always ending. It's ending more often than it's not ending!" or "You think you're the only person who's almost ended the world? We've almost caused the end of the world too, sometimes that's what we were actually trying to do!" This doesn't make them feel any better.

*Slade, the cartoon name for Deathstroke the Terminator, has a confrontation with the Scoobies and/or Fang Gang, who could either seek him out for his connection to Trigon, or he might come to try and scare them off from helping Raven.

*Redemption from doing an evil act or being evil, and forgiveness are things the characters of the Buffy'verse are very familiar with. So, while they're helping the Teen Titans save/prevent the end of the world, maybe they take on some other strays. They could figure out how to turn Terra back to a normal girl, and than show her how to control her powers, and she could redeem herself to the Titans? Or maybe they give Jinx a push to turn from her evil ways, letting her know they'd be happy to let her work with/for them? Red X tries to steal something of theirs, and instead of punishing him when they catch him, they make him coco after they've tied him up and proceed to question him on why he's a thief? And through-out all of it, the Teen Titans watch in disbelief & awe, as these 'villains' they're so used to fighting are suddenly 'good' guys!

I hope this gives someone an idea! Have fun! :D
Challenge Date16 Mar 14
Last Updated17 Mar 14

Challenge Responses

“There is a place – another dimension – that does not view prophesy in the same manner we have done. There is no inevitability – they fight the Fates. And,” she looked positively dumfounded, “they have often won.”
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