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Challenge IssuerBarefootXO
Challenge NameMeet Your New Team!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS
DescriptionSPOILER ALERT for NCIS Seasons 5 & 6. If you haven't watched them... what are you doing?

In Judgment Day: Part II, Leon assigns Gibbs a new team and scatters the old one to the four winds. In Last Man Standing it is revealed that this was an elaborate ruse to get Gibbs to sniff out the traitor in NCIS. What if it wasn't a ruse, though? What if Vance really did decide Gibbs needed an all new team? That is your assignment:

Construct a new, three-person team for Gibbs to lead. This team should have the following elements:

a) Must have a BtVS character. More than one is possible if you desire.
b) Must include a canon NCIS agent. It can't be Tim, Tony or Ziva. It can't be anybody who is dead by season five (like Cassidy). You may use NCIS agents that hadn't appeared yet (Cade, Levin, etc...).
c) You may use NCIS agent(s) from NCIS Los Angeles, but it is not required. Such an agent would fill requirement b.
d) Try to avoid constructing a carbon copy of the original Team Gibbs.
e) You may bring Gibbs' former team into the plot, but it must be related to their new assignments. A computer case brings them down to Cyber-crimes to chat with McGee. An overseas case has Ziva acting as a local contact. A case on the USS Ronald Reagan or the USS Seahawk involves Agent Afloat Tony. That being said, they may not return to Gibbs' team.
f) You may choose to replace Abby, Ducky and/or Palmer if you wish. It is not required.
g) If you keep Abby, there must be at least some initial friction between her and the new team. Abby does not like change.
h) You may cross over into other fandoms that make sense (not Star Wars, etc...). You may even draw on one or more fandoms for one of the Team Gibbs replacements and any support personnel (Abby, etc...) that you choose to write out.
i) Try to keep canon sexualities where possible. This is not a requirement, but a preference. At least provide explanation for any shift.

Beyond that, the sky's the limit. Good luck all.

Challenge Date27 Mar 14
Last Updated27 Mar 14

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