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Challenge IssuerStrigiformeLover
Challenge NameXander the Assassin
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Captain America
DescriptionWe've all seen the typical Xander stories: Xander gets powers via Halloween, Xander has a different family, Xander joins an organization, Xander leaves the Scoobies, et cetera.

However, there are no stories in which Xander is an assassin of the Red Room.
I have decided to rectify that mistake.

When Xander is five, he is kidnapped and by an organization calling themselves the "Red Room", and trained into being an assassin. Sent to Sunnydale nine years later to hunt down a traitor, he vanishes off the map and is presumed Missing In Action. Then, just after Buffy defeats Angelus, they find him again, and drag him back to the Red Room.

Years pass. Buffy defeats the Initiative and the Hell-Goddess Glory, gains a sister, comes back from the dead, recruits Potentials, and defeats the First Evil.
But this does not go unnoticed: the Red Room is watching them closely. And after the Scoobies defeat the First Evil, the Red Room send a heavily-brainwashed Xander, now called Nighthawk, on a very important mission: to hunt down and kill Buffy Summers and the other Slayers.

Xander/Nighthawk as a brainwashed assassin of the Red Room.
Xander is first kidnapped a few weeks after meeting Willow.
The Red Room rediscover and re-brainwash Xander, from just after Season 2 to early in Season 3, with Nighthawk gunning for Buffy after Season 7/early Season 8.
Nighthawk to be involved in some of the big Marvel events from behind the scenes.
Willow unable to magically heal all of Xander/Nighthawk's brainwashing.
Xander throws off the programming, at least partially.


Nighthawk/Xander to be more proficient with blades than guns, as is typical of anyone in the slayer business, but is still an excellent shot with a gun.
Nighthawk to have encountered the Winter Soldier in the past. (They don't get along. At all.)
Xander not regain all his memories when he's (inevitably) freed from the Red Room.
One of the Marvel Super-teams appearing. (Preferably the Avengers.)
Nighthawk/Xander not remembering Dawn, due to his mental modifications.
Buffy and/or Willow asking Nighthawk/Xander to shoot them if he doesn't recognize them.

Character Bashing/Character derailing
Mary Sue/Marty Stu characters.
Willow or another magic user using Magic as a giant Reset Button; it would be cheap, and would ruin any emotional depth.

The rest is up to you. Have fun!
Challenge Date29 Mar 14
Last Updated10 Apr 14

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