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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerVorchan
Challenge NameBuffy the Vampire Slaver.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Star Trek > Multiple Series
DescriptionSomehow or another, some alien race goes back in time and annexes Earth in the Buffyverse time. They are merciful with the human population, but they use them as 'bounty-hunters' for rounding up HST 'free labor' (i.e. slave-labor). (Should be a secret takeover, could be alien internal politics involved; such as competition between the 15th and 10th Cardassian Orders- the 10th being the Military Intelligence Division.)
Could be the Cardassians, Romulans, Klingons, Ferengi, Orion Syndicate, whatnot... but should be something that uses a high degree of criminal labor in it's economy. The only condition is that the alien race must be compatible in enviorment with humans.
They possibly recruit the Scoobies, and the Initiative to assist them.
Does Buffy's conscience get the better of her, and she change jobs? Does Dawn have a falling-out with her sister over her job? The choice is up to the writer.
Should have pretty messed up morals (not incest- ICKY! But good characters acting evil would do.).
One other challenge in this one: Enjoy writing it!- if possible.
(Suggestion: say, for instance, it's the Romulan Star Empire that secretly took over the Earth, and they have Tal Shiar intermediaries with the Initiative and the Scoobies; what happens when the Romulan Government doublecrosses the humans, for additional labor?)
I look forward to people's responses and will have fun reading them.
Challenge Date29 Mar 14
Last Updated29 Mar 14

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