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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issueranimefangirl
Challenge Namexander the Gundam meister
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anime > Gundam Wing
Descriptioni know this is a Gundam wing category but this is a Gundam fic it's just a Gundam 00 fic

what if xander dressed as Hallelujah/Allelujah for Halloween and ended up with more than just one solder in his head what if he had two both Hallelujah & Allelujah stuck around.
what if the Gundam Meister's were real but just in another galaxy and Hallelujah/Allelujah
weren't just Halloween copy's there was a telepathic link to each other and they helped
xander any way they can even to hijack the celestial being to help xander to safely close the hellmouth.

Buffy & willow-bashing
i cant help it i just see those two as bad friends in this fic but its up to if you want to or not

oz & Cordie - friendship a must
Challenge Date1 Apr 14
Last Updated1 Apr 14

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