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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerAximand
Challenge NameThe Most Powerful Wizzard of them All... Kinda.
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Literature > Sir Terry Pratchett
DescriptionXander dresses as the Wizard Rincewind for Halloween, with everything that entails (EXCEPT the ability to use only one spell).

He must use a half brick 'ina sock at one point during the evening, to knock out either Angel, Spike or both.

He must remember everything that Rincewind knew about magic and science after the night ends. Remember, it's Canon that Rincewind was a Nuclear Physicist in "our" world during "The Colour of Magic", so he's pretty damn smart.

He must become a fledgling Chaos mage after what he learns about Ethan from Giles inspires him to do so. Janus realizes he has a new worshiper and looks into it and is ecstatic in the combined prophecy busting power that Xander and Rincewind brings to the table and gives Xander unprecedented support from the God of Chaos just to stick it to the PTB.

The pairing (if there is one) must be heterosexual, preferably with Faith or an older Dawn (Dawn could be their age when she is introduced).

The Trunk can or can not be included, the best way to do so would probably be to have Xander cart around a trunk on a wagon as part of his costume.

Good luck!
Challenge Date3 Apr 14
Last Updated3 Apr 14

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