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Challenge IssuerBigfan
Challenge NameImmortal Lovers
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Highlander > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other
DescriptionBuffy/ Highlander crossover to begin with. Feel free to add others, if you can make it fit.

YAHF: Cordelia loses a bet to Xander, and has to go as anyone he wants. Since he knows how much she would hate going as his wife, Xander creates a couple that were part of the Original Immortals first made on Earth.

Before his first death, Xander was a mage that specialized in illusion and glamour(he can't have any offensive capability with his magic). Before her first death, Cordy was a seer(kind of like Drusilla...with limited knowledge of the future). According to the history Xander created, the pair has been married since before they first died, and they have remained together over the thousands of years they've been alive. The Highlander Immortals do exist in this world, but Xander is unaware of them(the show doesn't exist...he takes the idea from one of the books he read in Giles' personal library). Once the Chaos magic kicks in, Cordy and Xander become Highlander type Immortals.

-If you can make the hyena spirit boost his abilities, that would be great. If not, no worries.
-Since Xander created these fake identities to be a "real" version of him and Cordelia, once the magic ends, they both have to retain all the knowledge and still be Immortal, and they also have to retain their original identities as Xander and Cordy.
-I would love to see a scene where Methos meets the pair, and realizes they're both older than he is.
-I would also love to see Amanda as part of this story. I think Cordy and her would make excellent friends or frenemies.

Ship: Def Cordelia and Xander, but you can add others if you want to(NO SLASH)

While I would love to see this fic be a 100,000+ word epic, I'll take whatever you are willing to give the rest of us to read. Should you want to bounce around any ideas, please don't hesitate to contact me. GL everyone, and I hope someone decides to accept this challenge.

Misc.: Thoughts and ideas...use them only if you want

-Despite having met hundreds of immortals, no one ever knew Alexander and Cordelia were also Immortals, because of Xander's ability to mask their Appearance, Aura, and Quickening with his magic. Between that, Cordy's ability as an amateur seer, and the early detection sensor all Immortals have, it allowed the pair to avoid any head hunters that suspected an Immortal was in the area.

-When the Halloween spell kicked in, Alexander and Cordelia's Quickenings buzzed loudly and without any restraint. By the time the "new" personalities took over the bodies and once again hid their Quickenings, numerous Immortals in the area were already made aware of their power.(Maybe Methos is in LA when it happens, and you can use the powerful Quickenings as a reason for him to come to Sunndyale and investigate).

Costumes for other people:If you want, you can alter the bet to be Xander gets to decide costumes for everyone.
1. Buffy: Xander knows how much she wants to wear the princess dress for Angel, so he decides to add a stake and a cross to the outfit, and tells her she's Princess Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
2. Willow: Since he knows his best friend will be hesitant to wear a "risky" outfit, he finds something that looks like the female version of an Indian Jones outfit(minus the hat) and tells her she is Adriana Hellsing. Grand daughter of the legendary demon hunter Trevor Belmont, but unlike the rest of her family, she also uses magic to fight against the darkness in the world.
3. Angel: Buffy corrals Angel into coming with her during Halloween. Xander chooses a Blade costume for the Vampire to go as. At the end of the spell, since his body was changed into a half human/half vampire, Angel stays that way and because he's a Dhampir now, the curse is gone and his soul is now anchored to his body.
4. Mrs. Summers: She's going to a party with some of her friends, and the theme is to go as your kids. At the end of the spell she can either retain the Slayer abilities, or just the memories of what her daughter is.
5. Oz: Soldier turned demon hunter
Challenge Date11 May 14
Last Updated16 May 14

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