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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerReflectionsOfReality
Challenge NameCommon sense challenge
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionWhile the depths of human stupidity seems to be a common theme in a lot of plot lines both on screen and the written word what if something came along and managed to insert a drop of common sense among the common people?

A dimensionally misplaced one eyed carpenter is listened to as he questions the intelligence of crippling mentally/emotionally a boy who is the only one who stands between a village and and an indestructible 9 tailed fox shaped force of nature.

A deaged and sent to the past Winifred is identified as a Muggleborn witch and throws a babbling fit when she realises that the metallurgy used to make the standard pewter cauldrons contains large amounts of lead and goes on a crusade that peaks soon after Voldemort's first defeat against heavy metal poisoning. 10 years of a society cleaning up their act means that by the time little Harry Potter has his first year the students and curable teachers have more mental acuity than any generation of wizards sense the foundation of the society.

Someone stumbles across Narima and is able to look through the various contacts made in Ranma's name (possibly withe some help of a mystical artifact of Wolfram & Hart) and is able to create a solution that breaks none of the agreements. Either leading to a harem or a series of Herculaneum tasks that can mitigate most of the agreements.

A drugged up Angel makes a snack of Senator Palpatine while Queen Amidala is in route from Tatooine...

Take the idea and run with it. Any character or any cross and all that is needed is to undo / circumvent some obvious stupidity.

Heck curse a character for a dozen worlds where they have to act as a voice of reason...
Challenge Date19 Jun 14
Last Updated19 Jun 14

Challenge Responses

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