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Challenge Issuerraxadian
Challenge NameXander mental time travel... into the wrong body!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionMental time travel is a form of Time Travel where you don't physically go back in time. Instead, your present mind goes to a body in the past, but you keep your memories from the future.

Now imagine that the thing with the first Evil went really bad, and everyone died but Xander and a few of the new Slayers. Xander did his best to keep the good fight, but he was alone. He didn't had Willow brains, Giles contacts or an Alpha Slayer loyal to him. Things went horrible wrong, so Xander got so desperate he tried the safest time travel spell he could find, one that involved sending his memories and personality of present Xander to past Xander. But there was a demon attack while they where doing the spell, the witch doing the spell made a mistake, and Xander indeed ends in the past... but in the wrong body!

This could be a lot of fun, right?

A) The body Xander ends in must have be a named character in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series and MUST have a soul. So Xander could end in the body of past Angel, but not end as Spike until the fake blonde got his soul back.

B) Xander can end as far into the past as season one, or as closer to the future as three days before Buffy jumped into the portal. That is because the idea of the spell was for Xander to prevent the first evil from trying to open the Hell mouth in the first place, and to save his friends lives.

C) The character must be in Sunnydale when the transfer happens.

D) Xander might or not get the memories that the different body has, but there will be no other personality talking to him, as the mind of the person of the past ends in the body of what I am gonna call Bad Future Xander.

E) There is no way to undo the spell, unless you pack a lot of power. Think for example a wish demon or Dark Willow level of power.

F) Xander can end as any named character from the show, yes even one of his friends. My idea was for Xander to end as Cordelia or Willow, cause it would be hilarious. But anyone with a soul works. Still said named character must human or close enough to a human, like a vampire, a witch, a slayer and so on.

G) Xander CAN'T tell anyone that he is a time traveler, is one of the rules of the spell, and even if it wasn't , they would think he is crazy or possessed, or a demon pretender.

H) The spell could only be done once, so even if Xander had memorized it is not like he can try again and lets say, replace the Xander from two days before he arrived
Challenge Date21 Jun 14
Last Updated21 Jun 14

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