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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Details

Challenge Issuerraxadian
Challenge NameXander The Magical Girl
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
DescriptionYet another Xander ends as a girl with powers crossover Challenge!

Xander ends transformed into a magical girl, you can pick any series that you want, or make it a multiple crossover.


*) Xander ends transformed into a magical girl, gets stuck at least for a few hours and keeps the powers and abilities.

*) Xander can change back to male, but as a guy he has no powers.

*) IF Xander ends in another universe, you can include other characters from said universe if you want, but it must mostly be focused on Xander.

*) Please, please try to keep Xander in character, if he ends becoming a girl and cannot change back into a guy, or worse besides that he ends not even being human anymore, he would not be happy about it.

*) His dietary habits or tastes may be affected by the change, depending on the species or the type of Magical Girl Xander turned into.

*) He may not get a voice talking in his head that represents the Magical Girl he became. That's optional.

*) You can use the olde Halloween costume setup or try to be original. Extra points for originality.

Example of 'original' plot: Wish gone wrong, trickster god, some elf paying Xander a favor back (Think of Punk From the Gargoyles cartoon for example). Waking up in a new body after having died... anything than the extremely overused Halloween costume setup is preferred. But yes you can use it if you want.

Plot example 1: (Xander is stuck as a magical girl)

Xander best friend was a girl named Willow, so he sometimes did things he did not consider very manly, like watch cartoons or anime that Willow liked and he pretended he did not, and Willow happened to be a huge fan of Magical Girls. After finding a magical ring Xander ends being a Magical Girl, and Willow doesn't want him to change back into a guy!

Sure, having magical attacks that put Buffy abilities to shame is cool, but poor Xander misses being a guy and not having to expend two hours fixing herself every morning!

Plot example 2: (Xander can turn into a magical girl and the more he uses it the more girly his real body becomes)

When Xander was ten years old, he did something stupid and made Willow cry. He felt terrible and wanting to make her feel better. He got all his life savings, merely five dollars, and tried to get her a present to apologize. Xander ended buying a very girlish and plastic “Magical wand” in a shop he had never seen before. But it turned that Willow had forgiven him already and the wand somehow ended lost in his room. Years later, after everyone have him the cold shoulder due to the love spell incident, Xander found the wand back while he wished, without saying it out loud that he had superpowers or magic to help him fight the things that go bump in the night.

Now he has to find out why he has hazy memories of dusting vamps all night using magic, why the hell his skin was so soft and hairless, and why the stupid plastic thing seems to follow him anywhere.

*) Length requirements: At least 1500 words. I don't think that's too long or too short.
Challenge Date13 Jul 14
Last Updated13 Jul 14

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