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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerDarkMuse
Challenge NameBuffy Quinn and Poison Willow
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Batman
DescriptionI was trolling the Internet the other day when I came across a picture of what I thought was Buffy and the troll god hammer but after reading the caption I discovered it was actually Harley Quinn (sans white face and costume) and her whammo hammer.
This got me to thinking about the similarities between Harley and Buffy and how neat a cross-over story this would make. This also got me wondering about her best know, the green eyed red head named after a plant.

So without further ado, the must haves:

* Buffy and Willow becoming Harley and Poison Ivy (YAHF seems like the best bet but gold stars for anyone who comes up with something more original)

* Lasting effects due to the transformations (Not necessarily powers and abilities, but I'd love to see how the DC girls cracked mentalities handle Sunnydale)

* Main text, sub-text, or just good friends (I'll leave that to the author but my opinion is somethings going on there)

* Bonus points for the author who gets an in character Willow into a Poison Ivy costume (much less out in public)

Must not halves:

* Please, no Joker. I kind of want the focus to be on the girls (this especially applies to Xander)(though adding a third personality to Angel and Angelus idea....real bad idea)
Challenge Date24 Jul 14
Last Updated24 Jul 14

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