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Challenge Issuerthundever
Challenge NameGotham in Sunnydale
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category DC Universe > Batman
DescriptionThis is a Halloween story, there have been fics about characters switching places in the aftermath of Ethan's spell and universes joining together as well, but what would happen if the spell caused just Batman and his rogues gallery to come to Sunnydale causing Gotham and Sunnydale to blend into each other and the two groups of heroes having to learn to work together

Must Haves:
- Batman and his tools as well as Alfred coming through at the end of the spell.
- Xander dressing either Commissioner Gordon or one of the Junior members of the Bat clan in order to have a mediator in between both groups.
-Whoever Xander dresses as coming through at the end of the spell as well to vouch for his knowledge.
- Amy dressing as Batgirl preferably Barbara Gordon, but Betty Kane the first Batgirl and Cassandra Cain the third would also be ok.
-Another minor character dressing as a minor member of the Bat Clan as well, as the idea is it happens as more than one character from Batman's universe is linked through the spell so it causes the blending of the universes.
-Commissioner Gordon clearing up the Sunnydale police department, it does not have to be a major storyline, it could just be mentioned in a line that he's doing it.

May haves
- Amy and the other characters costumed identities coming through as well.
- any Pairings except Buffy/Xander, Willow/Xander please but no pairings that do not go with the way that character is shown or their personality.
- A character dressing up as another member of the DC Universe but not a villain and their counterpart can't come through as there isn't enough characters linked to make it possible and if someone's just learning what they can do hopefully it won't make them too overpowered.
- You can use any version of the characters or Gotham comic, movie, TV, cartoon or even a composite version of a character or Gotham taking a bit of any of them to make the character as even in the comics there are loads of different versions of characters not surprising as Batman appeared first in 1939 and Dick Grayson as Robin in 1940 in the Golden Age of comics.

Must not Have:
- A character dressing as Batman, he has to come in at the end of the spell.
- Buffy dressing as one of the Bat Clan members or a major DC character, have her hold her own as a character just as herself, she has a lot of responsibility as a Slayer it would probably be to much for anyone to add crime fighter to that as well as expect her to live a relatively normal life.
- The two sides being unable to get along
- Character bashing
- Any of the Rogues gallery having been used as costumes.
- Any other characters from DC that are not part of the Bat Clan or Rogues Gallery coming through at the end of the spell.
-Any of the Character becoming evil especially Amy as she would have something else to occupy her mind than magic and thus would hopefully
- Don't overpower the characters if you choose a character like Superman, Superboy or Supergirl try and play down their powers for at least a bit such as use the Smallville theory of Clark having to grow into his powers.
Challenge Date2 Aug 14
Last Updated2 Aug 14

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