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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerJonnWolfe
Challenge NameFair Trade - HP/BtVS crossover YAHF
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Harry Potter
DescriptionThis was inspired by Fair Trade -, and FT2 -

Basic Plot: Yet Another Halloween Fic (with a twist)

Somewhere in the future in the BtVS verse, Wolfram and Hart won the war and drug Earth completely into a Hell Dimension. The only Scooby left is Willow, who is slowly losing her mind. With her mental faculties deteriorating, she comes up with a ritual that is quite literally insane. Evoking Janus and Osiris, she powers the ritual with her own life to give her younger self and her secret hero a chance. Who's her secret hero? The fictional Hermione Granger, of course. =)
Merging her ritual with 'That Halloween', she sacrifices her life and imbues her younger self and seven other people with knowledge and power. Unlike 'Echo', this is a last gasp to save the world.
Scoobies get Potter Magic and Future Knowledge. Hogwarts Gang get different things, depending on who they were merged with, as well as Future Knowledge.


Mergers - Harry/Tara, Hermione/Willow, Neville/Xander, Luna/Buffy.
Pairings - Harry/Hermione, Neville/Luna, Willow/Tara. Buffy/Xander.
BtVS Halloween intersects Halloween of Harry and Co's Second Year.


Willow and Harry are from at least 2008.


Luna becomes a Slayer from the merger, in addition to the memories and fashion sense of Buffy Summers.
Buffy gets magic, a lighter sense of reality, Mage Sight, and other oddities.
Tara gets Potter Magic and the memories and skills of Harry Potter: Hit Wizard. (including how to craft wands/foci)
Harry gets Wiccan Magic, Knowledge of the Future, Aura Sight.
Hermione and Younger Willow get ALL of Older Willows memories and magic... detriments and all.
Neville gets future knowledge and a full muggle education, as well as the ability to see truth.
Xander gets real magic, common sense, and the deportment of a noble.

Dumbles and Molly being detriments is completely up to you. Same with Snape.
Challenge Date10 Aug 14
Last Updated10 Aug 14

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