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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)liz
Challenge NameNot Fade Away Challenge (edited and renamed)
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings
DescriptionThis might have been done before, but I looked through 16 pages worth and did not see any incarnation of it, so here goes:

How does AI get out of the mess in the last moments of Not Fade Away?

Any Fandom Xover acceptable (see below for musts and must nots) :)

*Does Veiny-Willow or Willow the White show up?
*Faith decides enough is enough and brings her own army of mini-slayers?
*Harry Potter, Draco and/or the Hogwarts crew?
*Clark and his somewhat evil-genius pal Lex?
*SG1 with a bunch of Deathgliders?
*Maybe Aragorn and Legolas talked the rest of the elves and those spirit-warriors into one more battle?
*Ares, God of War, decides the battle is not sanctioned, takes a personal interest, involving some of our other favorite Greeks and Olympians?
*Sarah Connor plants C4 in ideally located spots, or maybe John Connor and Kyle Reese send back their own army of terminators?
*Methos has a battle with another enormously old/strong immortal and the light show wipes out most of the advancing troops?
*Xavier and Jean (preferably as the Phoenix) hold everyone still until the good guys get into a better position?
*The panther and the wolf lead an army of spirit guides, shamans and sentinels?
*Tru gets a do-over day?! *g*

Pairings are fine, I prefer Slash, but Het is perfectly fine too... As long as you do not try to tell me that Jim and Blair share an abiding friendship! Ha!

Must haves:

*Wes, Fred, and Cordelia's fates should be changed. Or at least, give me a scene where they're dead and looking out for the AI crew ala Dennis or when Cordy ascended...

*Willow, Xander, Giles, and Faith (bonus points for Oz and/or Drusilla) plus what was left of AI--they all have to live on in some way!

Must not have:

*Lana (SV) or Gabrielle (Xena)
*Buffy crying
*Jean Grey (Phoenix is fine though)
*Anita Blake or Jean-Claude as the focal crossover character (unless someone is --preferably Willow, Buffy or Faith--handing them their asses)

Special Note: I read As you Wish by Echo and Apocalypse, Again by Jan which both inspired this challenge to see how many other different ways everyone else could come up with to save the AI crew! :) Both stories are excellent, and can be found in the archive.
Challenge Date20 Dec 05
Last Updated17 Jan 10

Challenge Responses

When the gypsies cursed Angelus with a soul, did they really pull one out of Heaven?
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