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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge Issuer(Recent Donor)liz
Challenge NameThe Many Adventures of Riley, or Riley after the Hellmouth imploded!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Multiple Crossings > Riley-Centered
DescriptionI want Riley-fic! And not the bloodsucked messed up one either! I want the one with ideals; that went on to fight with Sam and Graham in South America....

1. Noble-soldiery Riley on a mission or leave as long as he's still Black/Special Ops
2. Not hung up on Buffy or the death of his wife Sam
3. No angst-fest. I don't mind Riley being a hardened soldier, but I don't want him to dwell or brood on it.
4. No Buffy, unless she's only there for muscle power, however, if it comes to a need for muscle/magic power, I would prefer Willow or Faith--serious bonus points for Xander and/or femslash in there somewhere.

basic plot options:

Xena/Herc-verse--has to include Ares, Joxer, Auto, Xena and Aphrodite--Maybe the Goddess of Love wants to set Riley up? Or Auto (as the immortal son of Hermes) tries to steal the wrong artifact? Maybe Ares takes an interest in Riley as one of his unknowing followers? Joxer (somehow still around) bumbles into one of Riley's missions?

Sentinel-fic-- Why is Riley's team following a Panther-Demon to Cascade? Is it really a demon? Note: on this one I would prefer Jim/Blair slashed together and *not* with other people.

Smallville--Iowa isn't *that* far from Kansas, right? comparatively speaking, of course! :) Riley's team ends up in Smallville with a MotW. :) How does Clark react to Riley's nonchalance about his 'super-secret powers'? Bonus points for Lex/Clark slash, Xander, Faith, and WhiteWillow.

Pretender-fic-- free rein with this one (with the exceptions of above) as long as Jarod gets away in the end!

SG-1--free rein with this one (with the exceptions of above) as long as Riley isn't romantically involved with any of the SG'rs...

Any other fandom is welcome, as long as it follows the first four numbered items! :)
Challenge Date21 Dec 05
Last Updated17 Jan 10

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