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Twisting The Hellmouth Crossing Over Awards - Results
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Challenge IssuerTarnishedGold
Challenge NameSpike does Shanshu !
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Anita Blake
DescriptionResearch (aka my musings):

"Shanshu has roots in so many different languages. The most ancient source is the Proto-Bantu and they consider life and death the same thing, part of a cycle, only a thing that's not alive never dies. It's- it's saying - that you get to live until you die. - It's saying - it's saying you become human." (Wesley ATS 1:22)

Who didn't hate the end of ATS? Angel signed off on the Shanshu prophecy. Seems to me that the act of giving up, may in fact take him out of the running (I can't possibly believe you can sign your way out of a prophecy, Buffy would have done it years ago.). Champions don't lose faith (the non-corporeal kind ). BUT Spike did not. (Not to mention who is grayer then our Big Bad? )

"So you'll give me what I want. Make me what I was. So Buffy can get what she deserves.ยจ (Spike, BTVS 6:22)

I still doubt he asked for his soul back; I believe he wanted the chip removed. Could it be that the PTB ran a bit of interference ? Our cocky Vamp was too arrogant to admit his error? Why could he be brought back without the first rising yet again?

Your challenge is :

Who ever said Wesley was right? Maybe Spike is granted a new life in another world? A life with the one he was destined to be with? Imagine the chaos in the Scoobies if someone just vanishes? Imagine the chaos in the new world? Have fun, wreak havoc!

Must haves:
-Spike must remain Spike (no sappy poets, please)
-if you feel the need to make him human, he should keep his strength, stamina, etc. (the things that make Spike, well, Spike. He'd be miserable without them.)

I would prefer (these are my favorites), but these are not necessary:
Crossover: Anita Blake/BTVS
Pairing: Willow/ Spike ( I love this pairing & it is all too rarely seen in crossovers, I do not know what Joss was thinking! These guys were meant to be.)
Challenge Date27 Apr 05
Last Updated24 Mar 07

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