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Challenge Details

Challenge IssuerDezi
Challenge NameBuffy/Smallville X-over
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Smallville
DescriptionBTVS/Smallville X-over

Couple: Buffy/Lex

Rating: preferably Adult but doesn't have to be

Summary: After Buffy gets kicked out of her home (during Season 7) she takes up residence in the Mansion (I mean come on it's there). While there (using a cell phone) she calls an old friend of hers Lex Luthor (author can decide how they know each other). After talking for a while with him he offers for her to stay with him in his mansion.

Must Have

-Lex knows Buffy's the Slayer and Buffy knows he knows.

-Buffy defeating the first and Caleb as well as finding the sythe.

-Writing a letter to the Scoobies, basically letting them know what happened and that she won't be coming back to Sunnydale.

-Buffy forming a friendship with Clark and Lex gets at least a little jealous.

-Plenty of sexual innuendo.

-Eventually Buffy and Lex get together.

-Scoobies finding her and traveling to Smallville. (Include Kennedy, Rona, and at least one other Potential, they don't become Slayers)

-Big blow up from the Scoobies upset she left them but her pointing out that she took care of the evil and they were the ones that threw her out of her own hom.


-Angel, Cordelia, Wesley and/or Spike coming with the Scoobies. (Maybe after Buffy defeated the evil the Scoobies decided to join Wolfram & Hart)

-Lex, happy over something or just wants to show off, enters the Luthor library while the Scoobies are there + kisses Buffy passionately.

-Buffy finding out Clark's secret.

-Clark finding out Buffy's secret.

-Angel + Cordy together, (I hate them together but hey I want some tension) and Cordy trying to rub it in Buffy's face that she has Angel but Buffy not caring.

-If Angel and Cordelia show up with the Scoobies have Cordy utterly pissed that Buffy is with a rich and handsome man.
Challenge Date6 May 05
Last Updated11 Mar 07

Challenge Responses

Lex gets a call from an old friend asking for help, only to find he may be too late to save her. Sometimes though, fates a funny thing. Question is, can Smallville survive a certain blonde Slayer? Lex/Buffy
Only the author can add chapters to this story Smallville > Buffy-Centered • heathenseyes • FR15 • Chapters [1] • Words [5,089] • Recs [12] • Reviews [62] • Hits [4,498] • Published [10 Nov 07] • Updated [10 Nov 07] • Completed [No]