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Challenge Issuermamaterra
Challenge NameBlade Trinity/BtVS - THAT'S Dracula?!?! Damn!
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category Marvel Universe > Blade
DescriptionSo, I'm watching Blade Trinity again. And an idea hits me. It's the scene where Abby, Blade, and Hannibal go to confront Vance. And he turns into Dracula. I just have this image in my head of Willow, Buffy, and Faith being with the Nightstalkers and saying "THAT'S Dracula?!?! Damn! He's kinda hot." And this whole witty banter follows between the three about Dracula and his hotness. Where it goes from there is up to you.

It can be a drabble or novel length.
I would like both to be honest.

If it's a novel length here are the requirements:
1. Willow/Dracula as a pairing.
2. Willow should be the bad-ass powerful wicca we all know.
3. Drake should be the bad-ass powerful vamp we all know.
4. It would have to be AU I think, if Faith is gonna be there. But you can cut her if you want.
5. Willow needs to kill Danika
6. The line "THAT'S Dracula?!?! Damn! He's kinda hot." Should be in there somewhere.

If you do this challenge, please email it to me at
Challenge Date14 May 05
Last Updated8 Feb 10

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