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Challenge Issuerscifigirl
Challenge NameCongratulation, It's a Girl
Challenge TypePersonal Challenge
Category NCIS
DescriptionBuffy/NCIS Challenge

Congratulation, It’s a Girl

Premise: Buffy finds out that her dad isn’t who she thought he was.

Timeline: set any time during the Buffy series, and since NCIS has only been on for two years we're going to have it be set a few years earlier during the Buffy years.

Possible ideals to use in the challenge:

1) Joyce is alive. I’ve read enough stories where Joyce has died and Buffy finds her adoption papers or she finds out at the reading of the will that her father is someone else.

2) Joyce was a red head at the time she was involved with Gibbs and got pregnant with Buffy.

3) Dawn: if you include her in the story then she’s Gibbs daughter too since she was made from Buffy’s blood. So Gibbs must find out that he technically has two daughters.

4) No Buffy/Spike romance. I like them as either friends or enemies but not as lovers.

5) Possible options for Buffy to find out the truth about her father:

a) Buffy finding her original birth certificate and the father’s name is blank.

b) finding papers that show that Hank adopted her.

c) theres a demon after people who are of Buffy's bloodline, so she wants to warn her dad Hank, Joyce has to then admit that Hanks not her biological father so he's not the one in danger.

6) Tony (from NCIS):

a) he had a twin sister who was slayer.

b) Tony’s sister was not taken away from her family as a child by the Watcher’s Council. Her father made a deal with the Council for them to send someone to train her at home instead.

c) Everything that Tony’s sister learned from her watcher she taught to him.

d) Once Tony’s sister became a Slayer, he went with her and helped her patrol. She lived much longer than the average slayer because of this.

e) Tony keeps a secret stash of weapons (crossbow, sword, stakes, etc.) in his car trunk and still goes on patrol for demons & vamps in his home territory.

f) Tony once dated a female demon, their still on good terms, he doesn’t believe all demons are evil.

g) After his sister & her watcher died, Tony took her diaries and the watchers diaries, along with some weapons and books before the Watcher Council got to them.

7) Tony being able to tell that Buffy is a slayer shortly after meeting her.

8) Tony has all of his bottle water that he drinks blessed by a Priest. What effect would this have on a vampire if one tries to drink his blood?

9) Someone mentioning that Joyce once took an axe to a "gang member" on PCP.

10) Tony taking Buffy out patroling.

11) Joyce knows that Buffy is the Slayer.

12) Joyce and Gibbs having it out over the fact that she never told him that he had a child.

13) Gibbs trying to teach Buffy how to drive a car since no one else will teach her.

14) Buffy & Tony comparing tips on how to clean up after getting covered with vamp dust or demon guts and still keep their hair soft & shiny and their skin soft.

15) The "Twilight" episode of NCIS never happened.
Challenge Date30 Jul 05
Last Updated3 Feb 10

Challenge Responses

First story in the series, set during Tony's childhood, he has a sister and she is a slayer. What do they do when the Council kidnapps her? Are they going to get her back?
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