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Green Leaves and Mist

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Review of chapter "Pearls of Light" from spikeismine
Interesting paring i would never have thought of it.
Comments from author:
My mind works in strange, convoluted ways, what can I say?
Review By [spikeismine] • Date [3 Jan 08] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Pearls of Light" from PrincessTai
Oh that one is just so beautiful.
I think they make a great pairing :-D
Comments from author:
Glad you liked it :) Thank you for the review!
Review By [PrincessTai] • Date [5 Jul 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Pearls of Light" from Lisa
I especially love the first one of this set. The coloring is really pretty.
Comments from author:
Thank you! Thrilled you liked it :) The review is muchly appreciated :)
Review By [Lisa] • Date [15 May 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Pearls of Light" from (Moderator)KaylaShay
Dark and Light:
This is one of the best Legolas manips I've see from the ones I've looked at here on TTH. Him with Tara just makes me go, "ahhhhhh..."

Green World:
Gotta love filters in Photoshop (or whatever program you used). But it gives that old print feel to it. Nice.

Picture Perfect:
Tara seems weird. (I guess that is Tara, isn't it?)

Pearls of Light:
Legolas is almost too faint, but otherwise I like this one.
Comments from author:
Thank you for the review!
I've always liked that Legolas pic, so I'm really pleased it turned out well.

No, no filters. I use the rather archaic Adobe Photodeluxe 1.1. Everytime I try to use the newer ones, my eyes cross from all of the options! (not to mention just resizing the image seems to need 10 buttons to push)

Yeah, that is Tara. lol. She does look a little crazy, no?

I'm really glad you liked them. I plan on doing more of them, I just need to stop procrastinating. So many ideas, so little will to do them...
Review By [(Moderator)KaylaShay] • Date [11 Nov 06] • Rating [8 out of 10]
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