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Unhappy Campers

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Review of chapter "Chapter One: Arrival" from starwolf
The redhead who was there when you arrived is a Mutant. Her parents both fought in the last battles of the war, and her mother died. I could say it was war, but for the fact that she was killed off the battlefield. Death Eaters went to their home and Mystique couldn’t escape.: you said earlier that nightcrawler was her father, so that would make Mystique her grand mother not mother, because she is nightcrawler's mother.
that said, interesting premise, on to the next chapter. thanks
Comments from author:
Nice catch. I shall correct that. Out of , does Nightwalker have a canon love interest? I may swap her out for someone else, but I'd like to know...
Review By [starwolf] • Date [8 Nov 13] • Rating [8 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Mess and Movies" from Eureka
Pretty good, now to just update it...
Comments from author:
Thanks. I have NO IDEA where my muse for this fic ran off to... probably Belize... or possibly Jupiter... but I do intend to continue this one -

Review By [Eureka] • Date [18 Nov 09] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Mess and Movies" from slmncpm
hmmm this is interesting.. are you going to continue with it at any point?
Comments from author:
This is one of my back-burner stories, but I don't consider any of my WIPs abandoned, as I do intend to continue them all.
Review By [slmncpm] • Date [12 Nov 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Mess and Movies" from scottm
Great job so far. Hope you are going to keep writing more of this. Keep up the wonderful writing.
Review By [scottm] • Date [22 Jan 08] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Chapter One: Arrival" from Vld
I say go for it! Especially if it's this one you'll finish! Bloody good idea this one! Reminds me of another one where Draco, who helped against Voldemort, was infected with lycanthropy "accidently-on-purpose" while in containment cells in the MOM (which I'm gonna tell you, my interpretation isn't "Ministry of Magic") and is shipped to the American Council to work for Xander. Don't remember the name of this one, but I guess it should be easy to find again. I hope to read some scenes about Pansy and he other Snakes, to see how they settle... and who they were paired with. I'd say Faith fro Pansy, but seeing as the Council probably needs at least ONE head-slayer, and Faith probably thinks she needs redemption, I don't see that one coming. And gonna read "The Familiar" right now... well, unless it's a "Charmed" crossover. I loathe Charmed, and that includes crossovers with it as well lol!
Comments from author:
It's not a crossover at all. As to the rest, we'll see.
Review By [Vld] • Date [9 Oct 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Chapter Two: Mess and Movies" from Vld
Well, I really liked that. Well, except the Ministry part. Bloody f******ers! And Harry falls with it is learned that he told them what they should have been told in the very beginning? That's gratitude for you... I hope the Wizarding World gets attacjed while they're trying to "execute" the five. And that the Slayers refuse to help them. And the X-men as well. Besides, the whole Voldemort fiasco isn't just to put on the shoulders of a few families, but on those of the whole Wizarding World save the Muggleborns. If they want to kill some brainwashed-from-birth kids, then they should be killed as well. The entire ministry, at least.
Comments from author:
Heh. Thanks. Righteous indignation and outrage on the behalf of my version of the Slytherin Five. My work here is done. *grins* Not really, but thank you for your kind words. Honestly, I don't know when I'll be updating, but I'll get around to it eventually. No, the story isn't finished, in case that was unclear. I don't actually have any finished chapter fics, except for the very first one I ever wrote, which is posted here. The Familiar was my first attempt EVER at fanfiction. Wanna be a peach and read it and tell me what you think?

Anyway, writing fanfic is therapeutic for me, so I might just have to get around to finishing something eventually, what do you think?
Review By [Vld] • Date [11 Sep 06] • Not Rated
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