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I'll Always Remember

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Review of chapter "Coming Home" from ForeverAndEver
Everyone seems in character, except for Spike and Angel. You had Spike good for the first couple of sentences, but Angel's been off the whole time, and the relationship between the two of them (and their incessent comments about Darla and Dru) are nothing like we saw in canon. My only other gripe is that the book is MUCH more well-known than the movie- there are over eight million copies in print, it's been translated into 61 different languages in 200 countries, and it's the single best-selling young adult novel of all time (assuming that you count the Harry Potter books as "middle grade," which was their original intended audience). The movie had a much more modest reception, even with the recent re-release.

This crossover is really unusual- so definitely kudos for that!
Comments from author:
Sorry about that. I actually wrote this a year or so ago, and was much less familiar with the characters. Looking back on it now, I realize that the characters are pretty off, but I am too lazy to change them now. As for the book/movie thing, I saw the movie first (twice in fact), and it wasn't until my drama class went over a few pieces of the play that I even realized it had been a book. Most of the people I know had never even heard of it until they met me, so I was speaking from my experience. Sorry for not stating that clearly. I'm glad you're enjoying the rest, though. Thank you for taking the time to review and bring those things to my attention. I'll change that in the story to prepare people for it. Thanks again!
Review By [ForeverAndEver] • Date [4 Nov 06] • Not Rated
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