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The Dru's Scary Show

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Review of chapter "The Dru's Scary Show" from (Current Donor)DeepBlueJoy
Script format? What script format? Oh who carrresss... The story was good and seriously funny. So the format police should please go to sleep or be some place away...

Funny story. I enjoyed it. To be truthful I didn't even notice the script format until someone who had nothing better to do decided to harp on it.


I would like to remind the format police that the *TV shows* that these stories are all based on use (gasp) scripts. They aren't in narrative format, they aren't books. If someone has a critique about the quality of writing, that's a different issue, but if you are a nit picker, why don't you become a professional proof reader or something that is actually useful instead of trying to fit great writing into your particular box. Some of the best fics I've read have been scripts, some of the worst have been straightforward prose. And vice versa. Good writing is not format dependent. Get over yourself.

Thanks for another fun story.


PS: Not sure how it came to be a private review originally... sigh
Review By [(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoy] • Date [3 Jan 09] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "The Dru's Scary Show" from cwolf
I would've read it. But I don't read fics that are in script form.
Comments from author:
Your call. I wrote it years ago and I'm not going to rewrite it just because of that.

Rob aka Mediancat
Review By [cwolf] • Date [9 Dec 06] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "The Dru's Scary Show" from (Past Donor)Kiwikatipo
I would have enjoyed it a lot more if you had made it into a story not a script. The theme song was cute.
Review By [(Past Donor)Kiwikatipo] • Date [9 Dec 06] • Rating [6 out of 10]
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