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Faith’s Traveling North, A Fresh Start

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Review of chapter "Faith’s Traveling North, A Fresh Start" from MoonFireStar
wow can we say amazing have to come back with a sequel it could be a epic au .......I mean you have the back story just about complete...and I really like to see where this could go!!!!!
Review By [MoonFireStar] • Date [4 Sep 11] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Faith’s Traveling North, A Fresh Start" from Anonymous Reviewer
Nice fic. I'm going to have to read its sequel.

Seems a bit overboard on all the gifts left by the Mayor, but hey who am I to complain. Course, how the demons and whatnots got possession of all these slayer things ... and not manage to destroy them ... is also interesting. Why keep things that could hurt the demons and are of no use to the demons? Well, who said demons were sane or intelligent.

Why don't watchers know of the stuff? Didn't they at some point possess them?
Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [16 Jul 03] • Not Rated
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