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Demondog Evie and Faith

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Review of chapter "Demondog Evie and Faith" from MinakoRei
Awww, I wish you would write more ^^ I hope more starts to happen between Faith and Pheobe
Comments from author:
Thanks. the fic was part of a RPG that never got really started and everything I had up till then I made into the fic.

For now I don't have any thing planned , but you never know.
Review By [MinakoRei] • Date [17 Nov 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Demondog Evie and Faith" from wrightie
Just found this story. Looks very promising, do you have any plans to continue it?
Review By [wrightie] • Date [25 May 05] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Demondog Evie and Faith" from Anonymous Reviewer
Majorly confused here...

One: Did no one notice the weird vibe thing that Faith did in the house after incantation of the slayer claim or whatever? Not even Leo the whitelighter?

Two: Did she explain her fabulous wealth to the sisters?

Three: How can Leo hear Faith? I thought he heard only innocents in danger and witches...his charges and probably the charges of other whitelighters.

Four: Still not getting the whole Faith suddenly turned lesbian thing. Are we doing a Willow thing here? From one sex to the other...Oz to Tara...without looking back at the other gender for possible mates? No talk of hotness of males at all, not even Leo. Course, there's also no talk of hotness of other females either.

Yeah, I had a Rage of Carrie moment with the talk of blood covering from head to toe. I'm guessing unless they kick Faith out of the house, the dog isn't going anywhere.

A few spelling mistakes...

I hope you give us the whole revelation scene between Faith and the Charmed Ones. The whole - I'm a Slayer, we are the Charmed Ones, I'm a Whitelighter. Hey, is this a Jerry Springer show? Kidding. I still think you should fill in the gap between story one and two.


PS: The bad guys are mediocre so far. I hope you give them more personality and fire/spirit, intelligence and stuff later on.
Review By [Anonymous Reviewer] • Date [17 Jul 03] • Not Rated
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