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Review of chapter "Delays and Directions (BtVS/DW)" from RevDorothyL
I LOVE pre-Sunnydale Spike vainly trying to intimidate Donna Noble, when she's already steamed at having to rescue the Doctor's skinny backside . . . AGAIN!
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [25 Mar 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Delays and Directions (BtVS/DW)" from Nosi
Loved it.
Comments from author:
Thanks :D
Review By [Nosi] • Date [9 Mar 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Delays and Directions (BtVS/DW)" from (Current Donor)MarcusRowland
That was fun! Thanks for posting.
Comments from author:
Glad you liked it; thanks for reviewing!
Review By [(Current Donor)MarcusRowland] • Date [7 Mar 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Reputation (AtS/Firefly)" from (Recent Donor)kaela
Very good. I envision a lot of torture taking place in the next unwritten scene. These two really deserve each other and I am glad you were able to make this scene happen. Good job.
Comments from author:
I'm glad you liked it!
The inspiration struck when I remembered that Shakespeare quote. Seemed like something Angelus would mock and it ties in nicely with Niska's 'reputation' spiel. Plus, Niska needed a taste of his own medicine :)
Thanks for the review!
Review By [(Recent Donor)kaela] • Date [27 Jan 08] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Many Meetings (BtVS/LOTR)" from PrincessTai
Did he actually think he could take down Spike.
I mean he's all Legolas goodness but really? :-D
That was so well written. I throughly enjoyed it.
Comments from author:
Thank you :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
Spike's a bad ass, but Legolas *is* an elf; twas a hard thing deciding who would come out on top :) (so watch this spot, I have plans for a sequel)
Thanks for the review!
Review By [PrincessTai] • Date [8 Oct 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "A light to you in dark places (BtVS/LOTR)" from (Current Donor)Sulien
I absolutely loved all of these. I particularly enjoyed chapters four and eight, though. There just isn't enough Faith/Boromir fic out there for my taste. I've read "Paint It Black", which I thought was absolutely fantastic, but I'd gladly accept any other recommendations you might have! Also, very nicely done with the Sindarin in chapter eight.

Edit for reply:

The CoE course is actually pretty decent, that's what I first used. You may already know about this, but if not, I would recommend heading over to Helge Fauskanger's website (Ardalambion) and checking out his article "Sindarin - the Noble Tongue", as well as some of the other links and resources. Just about anything you might want to know about Tolkien's invented languages is either on his site or he has links to it.

Comments from author:
Alas, I can't recall any more Faith/Boromir fics at the moment. There are so few of them unfortunately...But if you want to read some other good fics, I'd recommend the stories on my recommend page ;)
I wasn't really sure of the Sindarin. I basically just took a crash course on it at the Council of Elrond and it can be very frustrating when the vocabulary just doesn't exist.
Thank you for the review!

Oh, I've been aware of that site for a few years now. It's a fascinating read.
Review By [(Current Donor)Sulien] • Date [10 Jul 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "A light to you in dark places (BtVS/LOTR)" from link
I love chapter 4 the best. Good interaction between Faith and Boromir. Now if only you expand that angle a little more...Post more okay. I'm enjoying this.
Comments from author:
I'm absolutely thrilled that you like it :)
I'll try to post more soon! However, if you're looking for more Faith and Boromir fics, I'd recommend Paint it Black by houses.
Thank you for the review!
Review By [link] • Date [3 Jul 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Resistance is Futile (AtS/Star Trek)" from (Current Donor)Shieldage
Heh. I doubt that Illyria could stand up to the weapons of a Borg Cube. If she ever got inside though, their only hope of saving the Collective would be to blow the ship up with her in it. :D

Cool, and I think her dismissing Picard offand is really going to annoy him once he has time to think about it ;)
Comments from author:
Lol, glad you liked it :)
Illyria on a rampage would be unstoppable (at least if she still had her powers). I toyed with the idea of her taking control of the Borg Collective, but I think she'd be more likely to think them unworthy.
Picard probably would be annoyed. But let's remember, she sought him out first ;)
Thanks for reviewing!
Review By [(Current Donor)Shieldage] • Date [16 Jan 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Fortunetelling (BtVS/LOTR)" from (Current Donor)Shieldage
Nice :)
Comments from author:
Thanks, glad you liked it :)
Review By [(Current Donor)Shieldage] • Date [12 Jan 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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