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The Trouble With Twins

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Review of chapter "a Slayer Two" from jackattack
Lots of possibilities in a twins story in the Slayerverse. How does the Slayer essence react to twins? Does it activate one but not the other? Does it activate them both? (At full level, or each at half level?) Would both be selected (being identical twins), but then would the power (trying to adhere to the old "only one" rule) pick one of them and double up, to create a super-slayer?

How does their magic react to the Slayer essence? Does the Slayer essence coexist with their magic? Does the Slayer essence replace their magic? Does the Slayer essence displace one twin's magic to the other, creating a super-witch? Does the Slayer essence fuel itself with their magic, to create a super-slayer? Does the Slayer essence enhance their magic, making them both physically and magically powerful?

Finally, is the Slayer essence stable in one twin, or can they share the power back and forth? Can Parvati be the Slayer, then will the power to go to Padma so that she is the Slayer, and vice versa? If both are Slayers, can one twin transfer power to the other when she needs a boost, or when the other twin is exhausted? Does the Slayer essence itself decide which twin it will be in, based on need or danger or some other criteria or even at random? The question about how magic reacts to the Slayer essence is also very important in this context.

The mechanics of how the Slayer essence applies to twins, combined with how it reacts with their magic, can be the starting point of all sorts of plots.
Comments from author:
The way my head seems to be going, I think the slayer essence activates Padma. This story would be placed after the show finishes so there's no "only one" thing. The tension comes in the fact that only one of the twins was apparently a potential and was so called. I'm wondering how the twins will deal with that.

I'm not really sure what t do about the magic...I'm thinking make it unstable so it's difficult to use and must be either relearned or remain unused.

I think there's enough stories out there that are based on the slaying itself. In my mind this is almost a more private story dealing with the dynamics of the twins with this new barrier between them and how they find places in each others lives. I might do a few pieces placing Parvati with either Willow or Xander showing her perhaps training as a sorceress to help the cause and a possible romantic relationship with our favourite zeppo. I don't knw why but I'm picturing Padma with Faith, it's just this really strong feeling.

so glad to get your review because it made me think through all sorts of things that had previously been unclear in my head.
Review By [jackattack] • Date [21 Jan 07] • Not Rated
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