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Queen of Nosgoth

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Review of chapter "A Slayer comes to Nosgoth" from Blacklord
The plot thickens.

I must admit that Rahab as a rapist was a rather unexpected turn of events (for some reason it seems more like Zephon's style) and Melchiah seems oddly pleasant for a vampire lord who uses the skin of his victims to hide his rotting flesh... But Kain seems to be the murderous bastard who killed his one true love and is willing to trade all his "children" for another chance to best Moebius.

Questions, questions, questions. Where are the Hylden? What happened with Vorador? And most important of all, why is Buffy's blood so important? Considering that Nosgothian vampires cannot have offspring, I foresee some nasty fangs in the future for the Slayer. And what is happening in Sunnydale?
Comments from author:
"Melchiah seems oddly pleasant for a vampire lord who uses the skin of his victims to hide his rotting flesh... "

Well, I guess that to hide his outer decay, as well as the horrible acts he must commit to do so, he probabley trys to be a gentleman at all times.I'm planing on haveing the other brothers (Even Rahab and Raziel the 'nice' brothers in most fanfics) be really nasty and cruel, always plotting each against each other. I was hopeing the line about "High Clans" And "Low Clans" would have establisehed the Rivalry between clans.

"Where are the Hylden?"

Where they usually are. They don't really play a big part in the story, but they will turn up.

"Considering that Nosgothian vampires cannot have offspring"

Damn! You figured out my secret plot twist! Magic Vampire Fetus! Curse you!

"And what is happening in Sunnydale?"

Nothing, you'll find out why! ;)
Review By [Blacklord] • Date [1 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Prologue" from Blacklord
A decent (albeit short) beginning for an story with lots of potential. There are unanswered questions here, of course, including the point of departure for Buffy Summers, the means Kain has used to learn about her arrival (I'd bet on the Chronoplast portals), the activities of ye olde Squidface and some minor points. Considering the title and the hints you drop, this is likely to get all dark and angsty in no time... I shall read further developments with interest.
Comments from author:
Thank you, many of the questions you asked will be revealed as the story goes on, but I tend to write in a few mysteries to hook the readers so some of that was intended.
Review By [Blacklord] • Date [31 Jan 07] • Not Rated
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