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One Last Time

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Review of chapter "One Last Time" from Orion
Hey! Got this as one of my "random selections" from the "No More Zeroes, Anymore" campaign (if you've not been to tth in a while, it's a campaign to make sure all fics have reviews.)

Anyway - interesting fic. A tad bit of 'squick' as I tend to remember Faith most as the young girl she first showed up as, rather than an adult. Keeping in mind that she is an adult in this fic (presumably: since it's London, and it mentions other girls, so probably post Buffy series) I think the Giles/Faith pairing is interesting. He might just be the kind of guy that she needs . . . undertones of wild (ripper) but a strong but caring man to balance her.

I liked it.
Comments from author:
Very much an adult. While I do write Season 3 Faith/Giles, I am very mindful that Giles would never cross that line with a minor - no way, no how.

And YES - exactly! I really think some of Giles' past experiences and mistakes puts him in a position to understand Faith like no one else. They could be quite good for each other.

Thrilled you were randomly sent here, read, and didn't run screaming into the night! Faith/Giles takes some mental gymnastics to wrap ones' head around, but once you start thinking about how it could work, it's hard to stop! ~Ves
Review By [Orion] • Date [29 Jun 08] • Not Rated
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