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Heads Up

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Review of chapter "Heads Up" from (Past Donor)Mari
I have to fess up that I often read the other reviews--I like to see what others notice that I might've missed. Add another voice to the chorus singing about enjoying a continuation, should the bunny hop along that path. Knowing what happened next would be great. However, I also have to admit that this snippet does sort of tell the story all by itself, and it does feel like it could be finished at the end. (Darn it.) It was quietly grim and horrifying, and felt very, very much like something Graham would do. (At least from the little we know of him.)

Your analysis of the Riley/Maggie relationship in a previous review response made a lot of sense, and was something I hadn't thought about before. In that context, a Maggie Finn is perfect.

As for what a Slayer could do against the Wraith? Probably not much against the space ships themselves, necessarily. However, in hand to hand--quite a bit. In addition, don't they instinctively know how to handle weapons? Would that apply to advanced weaponry, as well? That could be useful, too.
Comments from author:
Thank you kindly for the lovely review! When I first wrote this, I had intended it to be a one shot from Graham's point of view, because I figured that would have been exactly what he would do if he had been a member of the Atlantis expedition. Since SG-1 managed to obtain a ZPM and send it through the gate and the Daedalus got there in time to save the city, it's doubtful that Graham's message would have ever gotten to Riley, since all communication would have been screened before release. Graham's message would cause Riley or anyone else receiving it to start asking questions to which they couldn't receive answers, so the SGC's sensors definitely would not have let that one through. However, it definitely would have pinged O'Neill to the fact that there was possibly another resource out there that they could use in their fight, so that would have triggered the SGC snooping into things. I've often thought of the chain of events that Graham's message would have set off, but I've never gotten anything clear enough to run with. If I do, I will definitely post it.

Yes, I agree with you that the Slayers would be able to learn the new weapons systems very, very quickly due to the magick that enables them to pick up and use any weapon as well as making their own. I also think that a boarding party of slayers could definitely wreak havoc on any Wraith they got within striking distance. Wraith don't go poof when you stake them, but they can't regenerate after decapitation (which point has always annoyed me that the Atlantis folks never seem to go for head shots).

Anyway, thank you again for your lovely feedback!
Review By [(Past Donor)Mari] • Date [20 Jan 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from (Past Donor)WenchWithAWrench
To parody 'Almost Aragorn' in his replacement part... "I want MOAR." *grabby hands*
Great idea, excellent execution, it's perfectly *teasing*!
*pokes* It really does lube the mind and get you thinking "Hoshit! That could SO happen!"
Comments from author:
*sporfle* *hurriedly wipes rum and coke from laptop* "'Almost Aragorn' in his replacement part..." *gigglesnort* So glad I'm not the only one who calls Stuart Townsend 'Almost Aragorn'.

Thank you very kindly for such lovely (and humorous!) feedback! Believe me, I wish I could come up with something to continue this, because I'd like to read Riley's reaction and see what they did with things on their end. Unfortunately, the bunnies have only been teasing me of late and hop away laughing as soon as I try to write something (the story I recently posted has been sitting on my hard drive since I saw "The Return, Part I" and was only completed after I saw Crysothemis' painting). So, if you want to take this snippet and make a longer story of it, please do! Just please let me know so that I can read it. ;-)

In fact, I think I'm going to make this snippet an open story and post it as a round robin, because I've certainly not had the bunny hop back up to me.
Review By [(Past Donor)WenchWithAWrench] • Date [9 Jul 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from Bushranger
Good stuff. :-)

Regarding the earlier review - the Wraith might bombard the planet, but the real threat is landing and doing their vampire act. It wouldn't surprise me if a Slayer's life-force cannot be sucked out of them by a Wraith...
Comments from author:
Thanks muchly!

Yes, I've wondered about that since the introduction of the Ronon Dex character from whom the Wraith can't feed. I agree with you about Slayers and would dearly love to see a canon crossover, but unfortunately, that will never happen. :-/
Review By [Bushranger] • Date [27 Apr 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from Trace
Oooh...I haven't seen much of SG:A, being much more of a SG:1 fan, but I love it. My only gripe is that it's so short. I wanna see what happens next, and...and...there's no more! *sob*

Seriously, though, this would make a great start into a bigger story.
Comments from author:
Thanks kindly! SG:A is pretty much what SG-1 used to be, before the show was taken over by Skiffy. And you would SO love the characters! :-D

As for the shortness, I'm afraid there's not much I can do about that. This one-shot came to me pretty much as it is, but with nothing following it. :-/ I haven't been writing much of late at all, unfortunately, but I will definitely post a continuation if something more comes along and wants to be written.

Thanks again for the review. :-)
Review By [Trace] • Date [4 Apr 07] • Rating [9 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from Arekanderu
Huh i don't get it.How exactly will the Slayers help?They are in the end just girls with superhuman strength kinda like the Jaffa.Nothing really special when it comes to the SG world.They can't fight space ships that will just bombard earth from space .So why on earth would he want their help?
Comments from author:
You know, I have to admit that's one of those things that just didn't occur to me when I was writing this. Thanks for the reality check.
Review By [Arekanderu] • Date [18 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from jupitersdaughter
very cool! do we get a sequal?
Comments from author:
Thanks kindly! No, I'm afraid there isn't likely to be a sequel, unless a rabid plot bunny jumps up and bites me. This was meant to be a one-shot. You're more than welcome to take the idea and run with it, though! Just please let me know, because I'd like to read it myself.
Review By [jupitersdaughter] • Date [18 Feb 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from Lyl
Very nice. I could totally see that added in to 'Letters from Pegasus' - it had the same tone of farewell the episode had. Excellent work.

I really want to see Riley and Sam's reaction to watching the message, too.
Comments from author:
Yay, thank you! That was exactly what I was shooting for and I'm glad to hear that's the feeling that this evoked.

Me too! If you get a plot bunny that whispers their reactions to you, by all means please run with it. I'm afraid this bit is all that popped into my brainpan.
Review By [Lyl] • Date [17 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from JasonBarnett
Nice little fic bit, but why did Riley and Sam name their baby after the psycho woman who drugged and experimented on him, tried to kill Buffy, and built a cyborg that tried to turn every human and demon in the world into things like him?
Comments from author:
Thank you for the feedback. Dr. Maggie Walsh was Riley's mentor, and I see him as being the sort of person who would think that she was a brilliant, well meaning scientist who allowed her desire for a means to help defend people lead her down the wrong path. We know that she was a bit of a megalomaniac, but Riley doesn't, nor would he consciously admit it to himself even though the clues were there. Riley Finn has his view of 'the way things should be', and anything that doesn't fit into that view seems to be ignored, discarded as undesirable, or rationalized away. He would look at his daughter Maggie as being the positive legacy that Maggie Walsh will never leave due to her untimely death at the hands of her creation, Adam.
Review By [JasonBarnett] • Date [17 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Heads Up" from RevDorothyL
Wonderful, brief fic, very much in keeping with the spirit of those "Letters from Pegasus", but also in keeping with the spirit of BtVS and with what Graham Miller WOULD do, if he found himself facing the Atlantis siege situation.
Comments from author:
Thank you very kindly! I'm glad that my story was able to convey the feeling of the episode and what Graham would do within that context. He was always my favorite of the Initiative soldiers, and seemed to not only have honor, integrity, and a strong sense of duty, but also the clear headed, objective foresight necessary in a good leader.
Review By [RevDorothyL] • Date [17 Feb 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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