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Changing of the guard

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Review of chapter "New Guard" from Linnie
Review: Dante is going a kid with Buffy when she gets better from dying...
Well that's what I can read from the prophecy.
Comments from author:
we may never know.....I may redress this story at some point and continue it. Thanks again for reading
Review By [Linnie] • Date [30 Dec 09] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "New Guard" from UniilaDellaLuna
very cool...kinda leaves you wondering what happens with the prophesy though....
Comments from author:
I know sucks don't it. I may write some more some time but i kinda hope it will be picked up as a round robin of sorts. If someone has an idea for what happens next they write it and leave a cliff hanger like I did and the next person or myself pick up and write the next part. I think it will be interesting to see how others interact with the clues left unanswered in each part of the story. You know what they work with, what they leave, if they take it into a direction the previous person didn't think of...... I always find if more fun to try and put my ideas together with other peoples and try to make a smooth running story. In my reality shift verse I tried on another site to get a round robin but the story took on a life of it's own and no one else wrote to add anything but feedback, which I in turn tried to work into the story. Several of my stories are kind stuck at the moment because without the typical fight big bad fluff I could fill a few chapters with I'm not sure where to take them next on their journey. For now I am posting a few plot bunnies and hope to get back to my main stories soon. Think as my plot bunnies as more of challenges. As long as someone tells me so I can at least link to them and gives credit to me for the original I don't mind others picking up some of my stories (Again as long as they tell me before they post). Anyway thanks for reading and I hope something will get started from this if nothing more than drabbles set in the same verse.

Review By [UniilaDellaLuna] • Date [21 Feb 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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