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My Charade is the Event of the Season

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Review of chapter "charade" from littleoldme
Cute fic. I especially like how Anya pulled a Buffy and burned down the gym (though I am wondering how exactly Anya came to be there- is it AU, was she reincarnated, did somebody pull a Dawn?). Interesting that John is Jo's father (yuck! on the Dean front), but I'm a little skeptical about Jo knowing her parents' blood type by heart. I mean, I have no idea what my parents' blood types are, and her father died a LONG time ago. It might help to suspend disbelief if when Jo was explaining things to her mama, she referenced how she knew what her parents' blood types were (it might have come up, for example, because Jo's the Universal donor, so she, but not Ellen, could donate blood to her father).
Comments from author:

In my head, Jo's a bit meticulous. We've seen glimpses of it in the knives of her father's and how she does her research. She seems like she was a daddy's girl. I beleive she would have known every little detail of him she could know... including his blood type. I know my parents blood types. As far Anya, be patient. I don't blow my wad up front.
Review By [littleoldme] • Date [22 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "charade" from Zith
I always enjoy your stories. I would just like to point out on this one that you have Jo's mom as AB and Jo as O. This is impossible. If her mother is AB, she can only be A, B, or AB, depending on the dad. Since it is the father that is in question, if you switched her mother and her supposed father, so that Ellen is A and her not-dad is AB, then it would work. Unless you're trying to imply that Ellen isn't her mother.
Comments from author:
Grr! I had been told something like this already, and I meant to change that before I uploaded it and I apparently did not. Thanks.
Review By [Zith] • Date [22 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "charade" from uncfaery
I know that I'm, like, the worst reviewer ever because I read everything that you post and hardly ever, you know, review it. However, I just couldn't NOT review this one. I adore it. If there was any Scooby that could actually work as Jo's sister, Anya would be it. And John as their real father...classic! Especially since, personality wise, they both take an odd character-likeness to the eldest Winchester child. Anyway, it was great, flowed well, made since and made me all giggly-happy.
Comments from author:
Thank you. I actually spent a great deal of time thinking on which dead Scooby I wanted to insert. Anya seemed the most interesting, and I was ever so irritated they did not have Jo be John's daughter. I wanted her to be. I thought that would have been some great emotional turmoil on all fronts.
Review By [uncfaery] • Date [22 Feb 07] • Not Rated
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