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Evil Woman

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Review of chapter "Something Wicked This Way Comes" from (Moderator)Demona
Copied shamelessly my LJ comment. You know, all these places that we are is hard to keep up. And I so need to update my fics over your site. I need more hours in the day. And Meg's portrayer Nikki Aycox was on "Criminal Minds" last night. She was very good - very deceiving. It makes me kinda miss Meg.

Yay for hot girl sexin'!

I think the thing I like most about this story/series is the fact that you can go so many places with it. I'm eagerly looking forward to more in your 'verse.

Meg did a good job of laying down the groundwork for separating Willow from her friends, both with the sex/girlfriend thing and with the magic - especially with Meg's teaching of right and wrong. It will be interesting to see how Meg manages to finally divide Willow from the Scoobies and then to see Willow's path.
Review By [(Moderator)Demona] • Date [11 Apr 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Evil Woman" from (Past Donor)Laney
I'm catching up on my stories and I found this one. It's great. I can totally see Willow going along with Meg.
Comments from author:
I plan to keep going with this. I wrote it as a flashback/past scene for my story 'She's Got Balls' and now I'm more interested in updating it than the 'main' story. LOL. Glad you liked it.

And since I joined a weekly challenge for the spn_btvs LJ community I plan to use it as an excuse to update some of my fics while answering the challenges. :)
Review By [(Past Donor)Laney] • Date [27 Mar 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Evil Woman" from (Moderator)KaylaShay
D'oh! I never gave my feedback to you... Well...

I like this glimpse into the connecting piece of how things will eventually evolve (did I keep that vague enough?). It's nice to see Willow meeting up with Meg... knowing they'll do not so nice things... The easter egg was very chocolate filled. ;-)

Comments from author:
D'oh! I never gave you a response. LoL. Willow's corruption has continued!
Review By [(Moderator)KaylaShay] • Date [27 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Evil Woman" from (Moderator)Demona
*does excited dance of joy* You posted it! You posted it! Now you just have to continue with the story and the posting, Sir!

Seriously Meg coming to town, meeting up with Willow, and possibly turning her to the dark-side? You can't get any better... Oh wait, you could...if you continue!!!

Please. I'll beg. I have no shame. I'd offer to flash you but I don't think pressing my boobs up against my screen will do either of us any good ;)

EDIT: Oh god - there is something seriously wrong with you for that easter egg. Sadly, I have no webcam...
Comments from author:
It all depends on whether you have a webcam. ;) Go back and look...I even added the smutty easter egg in there. I do plan to continue but we'll see how cooperative my muse is.
Review By [(Moderator)Demona] • Date [27 Feb 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Evil Woman" from supernaturalfanatic
Please tell me that more is coming. You can't just end it like that!
Comments from author:
There *should* be more coming. Depends on if I can whip my muse back into fighting form. :) may want to go back and look for the 'easter egg' I added into the story. It's got a nifty outtake.
Review By [supernaturalfanatic] • Date [27 Feb 07] • Not Rated
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