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Never Happily Ever After

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Review of chapter "Never Happily Ever After" from LeaFairy
Completely brilliant fic! I loved the flashbacks and how you kept switching from past to present tense. Nicely done.

Thanks for writing!!
Review By [LeaFairy] • Date [13 Aug 10] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Never Happily Ever After" from Ellie
I liked this very much! Can't wait to see more of the Faith/John dynamic.

Comments from author:
Thank you very much for the review. I'm glad that you liked the story, especially the John/Faith dynamic.
Review By [Ellie] • Date [20 Mar 07] • Not Rated
Review of chapter "Never Happily Ever After" from (Moderator)Ava
How much do I love this and thee for writing it? Let me count the ways. Fair warning I’m about to gush but you wrote this for me so I’m allowed. ;)

1.The flashbacks rocked and helped add suspense and trigger emotions rather than feel like filler. Which unfortunately that’s how some flashback seem but these, this whole story flowed from start to finish. One section setting up and then leading effortlessly into the next. *beams*

2.The gritty feel to the whole piece fit both John and Faith like a glove. The hints of their relationship where prefect. I loved how Faith only hit him once for being stupid and all sexy…er…stupid. Is it wrong that I keep imagining John’s rumble-y, grumble-y voice telling Faith it’d be safer for her to stay back and then the fist that would fly? *sigh* I’m such a little sadist.

3.I loved that you used the prompt of ‘mentions of a past hunt going horribly wrong’ to mirror the scene going wrong in the story. (I know this ties in with 1. but damn) I liked how Faith saved him the first time and he saved her the second. Keeping them on even footing but at the same time they’d still feel indebted to the each other.

4.*squeals* The handcuffs! See handcuffs don’t always have to used for bondage fun and I’m super happy with how you used them. ‘Cause I was thinking cops but your take…not in the least. It never even crossed my mind.*applauds*

And 5. I absolutely loved that Faith was tricked by the shifter and that she freaked about her body being used to commit a murder. It was so well thought out and planned and yet I never saw it coming.

*bounces* They were both so beautifully in character and I love your Faith. You bring her alive, faults, scars and all. And that’s why I adore your writing so much. You’re very evenhanded with the characters.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Comments from author:
So I had this whole response written out last night. I was commenting as I watched last night's episode of SPN (did you see it???????) and somehow I managed to hit the back button and lost the whole damned review! *wails* Because I had detailed comment love for numbers 1-3 done and was working hard on number 4 when bam - no more. So after screaming in frustration, almost crying again (because well....because) and then slamming my laptop shut in disgust, I have decided to try again this afternoon. So begin again I shall:

I'm so freaking happy that you loved it - and loved it enough to gush - because I can't tell you how extremely worried I was about the whole thing. I'm talking, nail-biting, freaking out kinda worried...because it was you...and yeah I won't gush too much ;)

1. Yay for flashback love. I was worried about doing the flashbacks, because they weren't exactly "mentions of a past hunt going horribly wrong" instead more the explanation of how the hunt went really wrong. I was worried that they were going to seem like filler, like you mentioned, and that they wouldn't tie in with the story I was telling in the present. Imagine my freaking surprise when they worked...cause I was, surprised!

2. The story was kinda stilted and awkward, which turned out okay (so you say) which I'm glad to hear. I had to force this thing to be written and then once I started it just kinda all rolled out. And yes, I think that John Winchester is a lucky, lucky man for only getting hit once in the face by Faith. And I think that shows some restraint on Faith's part. I'm working on a whole new angle for Faith - more restraint, less craziness. I'm liking how she is coming out.

3. Again, I am glad that you liked the flashbacks. Once I was done and re-reading it, the whole thing worked (thank god).

4. *squeals with you* Those handcuffs...I had like six different beginnings with those handcuffs, and none of them were working. So I just skipped them, and came back and worked something in. I did in at least two of those six beginnings have the cops involved. One with Faith and John getting arrested for something and the second with the cops recognizing Faith at the bar when she is talking to John (who just hustled them out of their paychecks at pool), following her outside, cuffing her and then bad things happened...

5. When I was writing the flashback scene I had every intention of Faith killing the shifter that was posing as John Winchester and then later discovering the real John tied up in his truck. However that is the definition of a hunt that went right. (I totally just had a huge plot bunny attack me while writing this comment. See your email - for I have emailed it to you.) So, then I had to change my plot to go wrong... Hunts that go wrong don't sit too well with me.

Thanks so much for all the wonderful words of review love! I just get so tickled when you review because they always make me smile!

You're welcome! You're welcome! You're welcome!
Review By [(Moderator)Ava] • Date [20 Mar 07] • Rating [10 out of 10]
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